How to treat ants using natural methods

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treat ants with natural methods

Every season has its strengths and weaknesses, the spring and summer bring with them the hassle of the ‘invasion’ of ants. Those who want to eliminate this problem might find the following suggestions helpful to resolve the issue

Yes, it is possible to treat ants using natural methods, at no cost and without dangers, especially if there are kids and animals around the house.

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If ants have invaded your home, garden or vegetable garden, you can defeat them by spreading at critical points a mix of baking soda, sugar and yeast in powder form, this should be one third of the total volume. The mixture is sprinkled in the area most frequented by the ants, icing sugar attracts them , while baking soda and yeast kill them. It is recommended to ensure that this mixture does not come in contact with water, as it will then be ineffective.

Another natural and low-cost alternative method is using honey as it attracts ants. Put a little honey into containers, the ants will be attracted , enter the container and then will inevitably remain trapped in honey.

Among the methods to eliminate ants it is also suggested to pour boiling water directly on the mounds of earth through which the ants come out of their nests from, it seems to us an unnecessary cruelty.

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There are less cruel methods, which aim to remove the ants, which are also easy to make and are all low cost. For example, the use of vinegar is very effective when deployed with a spray container in the most crucial points, close to the nest, on window sills, in the kitchen etc. The vinegar dries quickly, the smell becomes, for us, imperceptible in a short time but not for ants, for them it works as a repellent.

You can also make them feel unwelcome with lemon juice and lemon essential oil, as well as mint leaves. So to remove these unwelcome insects you can place a generous amount of chopped mint leaves in the points ‘ at risk ‘ and the ants will leave.

Finally you can use cucumber (unpeeled) you get the same result if you cut many slices and place them at critical points .

Now it only remains to wish you good luck!

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