How to recycle old curtains: giving your curtains a new life

Some creative recycling ideas which are both useful for the home and easy to put into practice

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Creative recycling allows us to give objects a second chance. Besides being eco-friendly, it can be a fun way to give an original touch to your home. So here are some ideas on how to recycle old curtains instead of throwing them away: from the easiest to the most imaginative.

How to recycle old curtains? There is no shortage of creative ideas for doing so, and they are often simple and low cost solutions for transforming objects that have fallen into disuse. Creative recycling can thus become a fun and cost-free hobby to reduce waste.

How to recycle old curtains: do-it-yourself ideas

Recycling old curtains enables them to have a new life as useful items for the home. Over time, curtains can be ruined by inadequate washing or can be discolored by sunlight.

When this happens the first choice is not necessarily to throw them away. In fact, it only takes a few simple steps to salvage them by transforming them into new objects and decorations. Depending on their condition and type of fabric, they can be adapted for other uses in the kitchen or for decorative purposes in the living room. The cut-out pieces of fabric, alternatively, can be rearranged as bags or holders.

Some solutions may require some familiarity with do-it-yourself and sewing. Other ideas, however, are really easy for even the most inexperienced to make.

Recycle old curtains with these ideas for the living room

In a home environment such as the living room, there is no shortage of ideas for reusing curtains. In the case of old large curtains a useful and cost-free solution is to make more smaller curtains.

It is necessary for this to cut them to size so that they can be adapted to other windows in the house.

Armed with a needle and thread one must then fix the edges that have been cut. For those unfamiliar with sewing, it will be sufficient to employ lace or pre-made borders to affix to the unsewn edges.

Another creative idea to salvage some of the old curtains that are now frayed involves re-purposing them as cushion covers. This solution can be achieved especially if you have valuable curtains, perhaps colorful and with special decorations.

In case you have single-color curtains that are not particularly suitable to be placed on living room cushions, you can think of applying other decorations after making the cushion cover.

how to recycle old curtains: making cushion covers
Sofa cushion covers made with repurposed curtains.

Recycle old curtains with these kitchen tools and decoration ideas

Even the kitchen can be decorated with creative recycling of curtains that are no longer usable for their original purpose. In fact, another simple idea to give old curtains a new life is to cut them out to make them into breakfast curtains. To do this, simply cut out rectangles of fabric and then embellish them with any decorations.

Those who can juggle a sewing machine or needle and thread will be able to arrange the edges and arrange these original placemats as best they can.

Dishcloths and potholders are, on the other hand, the ideal reuse alternative in the case of curtains with an already somewhat worn and battered fabric. Also for the kitchen, one can also make a tablecloth to be placed under the main one to avoid stains or scratches on the table. In the most extreme situations, when the fabric is definitely too slick, you can always opt for making bags or dusting cloths.

how to recycle olf curtains
Giving your old curtains a new life in the kitchen.

Recycling old curtains with other creative ideas for your home

Another original idea for reusing curtains in a really practical way is to turn them into scented bags for closets.

This solution is particularly suitable for reusing the most worn curtains that are difficult to recover entirely. To make the bags, simply cut out part of the curtain and close the piece of fabric with a ribbon.

Soaps, essential oils or dried lavender flowers can be used for scenting. The choice can be made according to one’s tastes and preferences.

how to recycle old curtains: scented bags for closets
Another idea to recycle old curtains: make scented bags for closets.

Recycling old curtains: more creative ideas for accessories

The same bags thus made also prove useful as confetti holders for ceremonies and anniversaries. Alternatively, they also prove very useful to hold accessories, such as brushes, for makeup or other items to carry in your purse. Finally, a truly original idea is to make a few small bijou items out of curtain fabric.

For example, by cutting out a thin strip a little longer than your wrist, you immediately have a bracelet.

You can insert charms and accessories on this piece of fabric in such a way as to make it a personalized and decidedly creative jewel.

More creative recycling ideas

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