How to recycle coffee grounds in a useful way

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How to recycle coffee grounds

How to recycle coffee grounds? You can give a new lease of life to old coffee grounds in virtually endless ways. Let’s find out some useful tips.

This article will really make you change the way you think about this apparent waste product. Coffee grounds, for example, can be put to a wide range of uses in the field of cosmetics such as cellulite cream!

How to recycle coffee grounds in the garden

  • Used coffee grounds are an excellent organic fertilizer, rich in natural substances.
  • This product is often utilized in horticulture. It makes soil more acidic, promoting the growth of so-called acid-loving plants (do not hesitate to spread it at the foot of your roses for example).
How to recycle coffee grounds ?
How to recycle coffee grounds? Some unexpected ways coffee grounds can help you at home.

How to recycle coffee grounds: 2 amazing DIY beauty projects

  • Coffee grounds can be used as well to make a great perfect body scrub. Simply rub them into wet skin in the shower and rise off with warm water.
  • Used as a conditioner on brown hair, coffee grounds will make hair more luminous and shiny. Apply coffee grounds to your hair before your last rinse. you will be amazed at the wonderful results!

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How to recycle coffee grounds at home

  • The versatility off coffee does not stop here! Used coffee grounds may help eliminate odors: pour a small amount of powdered coffee into a cup and place it at the bottom of your dustbin or fridge. It will help ward off the unpleasant scent of rotting food.
  • If you want to keep ants and other small invasive insects away, leave a little bit of coffee near the small holes through which they come: they will mistake this fine powder for water and will be afraid of drowning in it.
  • To keep cats away from fragile flowerpots, sprinkle some coffee on the floor, our feline friends do not like the strong odor, and will keep clear.
  • Coffee grounds can also be very effective as an anti-stain product: rub a little bit of used coffee on the stain, it will be easily removed. If you own a dark wood furniture which is slightly scratched, rub a bit of coffee paste (made from powdered coffee and a few drops of water) into the scratch to instantly remove any trace of it.

But that’s not all. Scientific research suggests that it can be turned into bio-fuel. Coffee is also used when making devices capable of removing heavy metals from contaminated water.

Coffee can also be used in design: Matthijs Ogels, a Dutch student at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, has made some attractive cups and saucers from coffee granules. Obviously they are all biodegradable!

Finally, the London-based design group, Re-Worked developed a method to recycle coffee grounds into decorative objects, such as chairs and tables. The eco-friendly material developed by the group of designers is called Curface and is obtained by mixing coffee granules with recycled plastic.

In the end, coffee grounds are a really eclectic material. I have no doubt that after reading this article, you will never look at the bottom of a cup of coffee in the same way!

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