How to make your own eco-friendly and bio-active shower gel

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natural shower gel

Mass produced shower gels can be harmful, both to our skin, and to the environment. This is due to the chemicals they contain that end up in water sources once we have rinsed them off.

If you’re looking for a more eco friendly solution you can Aleppo soap to make a refreshing, homemade shower gel in a few simple steps. Aleppo soap is a natural product made from olive oil and Laurel leaf oil. It can be used on a daily basis all over the body and helps keep skin soft and moisturized. It also has natural antiseptic and antifungal properties.

That’s an ideal product if you want to make your own natural shower gel at home: you will just need 200g of Aleppo soap, 1 litre of water and 15 drops of lavender oil.

Once again, the procedure is very simple. To start with, you need to grate the soap and in the meantime heat up the water in a saucepan. Once the water has reached boiling point add the grated soap, and simmer at a low temperature for 15 minutes, stirring continuously until the soap is completely dissolved. Take care to keep the heat as low as possible. Add the lavender oil and let it cool down. If it seems too thick you can add a little water to thin it out.

natural shower gel
Once again, Aleppo soap is the basis of our homemade natural shower gel.

Once finished, put the final product in a sealable container, a good idea is to recycle an empty shower-gel bottle! This shower gel keeps for about 2 months once made.

If you want, once cooled, you can also add

-Two spoonfuls of liquid glycerin. (This can be bought from local pharmacies) Glycerin helps to maintain skin firm and translucent, it also a natural moisturizing agent.

– 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract, a natural conservative and disinfectant generally used to prolong the shelf-life of water-based cosmetics. It has antifungal properties and is a natural disinfectant helping also to fight skin disease.

And…voila! A very easy and affordable way to make high quality shower gel. And since it is a biodegradable product, it is good for your conscience too.

Please note that this shower gel does not produce foam. The soapy foam we’re used to seeing with commercial shower gels is obtained by adding chemical foaming agents. The foam has no beneficial effect as far as keeping skin clean and nourised is concerned.

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