How to make a delicious tisane!

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By Kenny G

How to make a delicious tisane

Find out all the tricks and our tips about how to make a delicious tisane right for each day of the week

A warm drink, a sweet cuddle, but also a good remedy against many of the most common issues that we run into in our daily life that can make our living a little better on the long run: tisanes are efficiently helpful for the wellbeing of our body and mind thanks to the many beneficent properties that the ingredients (such as leaves) for its preparation contain.

Recent studies claim confirm the benefits of some plants that we won’t even expect to be helpful at all!
For instance, did you know that leaves from a coffee plant are very strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatories over being true tip of magic for the prevention of bad cholesterol and diabetes if assumed after being boiled? Furthermore did you know that an infusion of Red Radicchio from Treviso helps against the cells aging and free radicals?

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Amongst tradition, science or simply general beliefs, herbal decoctions still represent a resting break for a great amount of people throughout the world. Boiled, infused or mashed, tisanes are simple to prepare, healthy and cheap both for our organism and wallet, and plus they contain leaves that can be easily be planted and grown on our balcony or yard.

how to make a delicious tisane
Benefits of tisanes are too numerous to note down all!

But how do we prepare a perfect tisane? First of all, you need to choose correctly the plant that has the right active ingredient that best fits our needs: do you wish a draining effect? Nothing better than an infusion of Melissa leaves. Fennel and rhubarb instead, stimulate digestion after meals while spear grass is a natural diuretic.

To maximize the benefits of tisanes, sometimes , you need to mix wisely several herbs into the same infusion. A classic, particularly useful in cold seasons, is the tisane that mixes rosehip (which is full of vitamin C) and blackcurrant (natural cortisone): those two, mixed together, help to fight flu symptoms. As for the care of the skin and hair, you can choose to mix hibiscus, mauve and cranberry (which contain a lot of Vitamin E).

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After you’ve picked your herbs for the tisane that you want to make, it can be prepared by letting the mix boil with water and adding a teaspoon of herbs for each cup left in the infusion for about 3-4 minutes. As a sweetener, we would recommend a tip of honey, best if organic.

To fully enjoy its benefits, the tisane will have to be drunk 3 times a day for at least 3 weeks, applying also a light food diet, rich of fruit and veggies.

Have a great tisane everybody!

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