How to get rid of ants in an environmentally friendly manner

Let’s learn how to counter the seasonal “ant invasion”

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how to keep ants away naturally

A few easy, natural and effective natural methods to get rid of ants in an environmentally friendly manner. Learn how to keep ants away naturally!

Each season has its pros and cons. Spring and summer brings with them the much feared “ant invasion“. Even living close to nature can prove to be a big problem. There are natural solutions which are cheap and don’t call for the use of chemicals.

These methods are especially useful if there are children and pets in the home.

How to keep ants away naturally: top tips

  • If ants have invaded your home, garden or vegetable garden, you can beat them by spreading a mixture of baking soda, icing sugar and baking powder, made from equal amounts of each ingredient. The mixture should be sprinkled in the areas where there are the most ants.  Icing sugar attracts them while baking soda and baking powder kill.
  • If the ants carry this mixture to their nest to feed other ants and their queen, the whole colony will be wiped clean. It is important that this mixture does not come into contact with water as it will no longer be effective
  • Another low cost natural alternative is to use honey to attract the ants. Place a small amount of honey in a container and place in the path of the ants. They will be attracted by the sugar, enter the container and remain trapped in the honey.
  • Another alternative suggested by some people is to pour boiling water directly onto the mounds of earth through which the ants enter and leave their nest. To us, however, it seems excessively cruel.
  • There are more humane methods to get rid of ants, easy to make and all at low cost. For example vinegar is very effective when sprayed on surfaces where the ants are found.  Vinegar dries quickly, the smell becomes imperceptible to us in a short period of time but not for ants, for them, it is a strong repellent.
  • Ants do not like lemon juice, lemon oil or mint leaves. You can, therfore, eliminate ants by placing a generous amount of chopped mint leaevs in the infested areas and the ants will stay clear
  • Finally unpeeled cucumber can be used to achieve the same results. Simply cut several slices of the vegetable and place them in critical areas.

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