How to grow a plant from a food waste: some plants that can grow again

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There are so many vegetables that can easily grow back up and become a new source of food. All we need to do is find out which varieties can be re-cultivated at home and follow a few simple tips to revive our leftover food.

The vegetal varities that tend to re-grow the most are at least a dozen, all of them, very common and used in the kitchen, and the ways to get a plant to re-grow are very easy to apply. It’s obvious though, that the quality of the left over food, needs to be very high, even better if it’s from an organic origin to make sure a good re-growth of fresh and healthy vegetables.

How to grow a plant from a food waste: the easy guide

With a little patience and some tricks, your organic backyard that you’ve gotten from your leftovers will you give you many satisfactions. Let’s see how it can be done.

– Fennel, shallot, chive and leeks
These vegetables can re grow easily using the white root of the plant. Put the ends in a glass jar and place it in a sunlighted spot with a little water.
In a few days, we should be able to see the green part of the plant sprout again and then we will just need to cut the right amount that we need in the kitchen.
The root needs to be wet at all times and the water has to be changed once a week.

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– Celery, cabbage, lettuce
Kind of like leeks, these veggies can be re-cultivated starting from their white root. Once the ends are cut like we usually do to eat the edible part of the vegetable, we will just need to put the root in a shallow bowl with a little water in it that covers the white part of it but not the upper end.

grow lettuce at home

How to grow a plant from a food waste: Lettuce

Placing the bowl in a sunlighted spot keeping the root humid with a vaporizer, in a few days, like we’ve seen for the other plants, we should be able to see new leaves from the roots.
After a week, the new plant will be ready to be transfered to the turf where it will sprout once more.

– Garlic, onion, and ginger
These ones are three of the most simple to re-cultivate. To obtain a new garlic, for example, you will need to plant a clove with its root pointed down and place the container in a very heated and sunlightened spot. The same will apply to the ginger (that perhaps can’t stand direct sunlight), that will root very quickly producing new sprouts.


Plants that you can grow at home: Garlic

After a few days, all you’ll have to do will be engage the plant and cut the sprouts to let the plants produce new bulbs.

– Potatoes
How many times have we thrown away a moldened potato thinking that we couldn’t use it anymore?

How to grow food from waste: potatoes

How to grow a plant from a food waste: potatoes

Unutilized potatoes are perfect to be re-cultivated, even more if from their peel there are few sprouts. Cut in pieces (about 2 cm) the potato making sure that the sprouts are left untouched and let rest for a few days at room temperature.

At this point, you will have to inter down the pieces of the potato with the sprouts on 8 cm deep soil and keep the pieces of potatoes with sprouts faced up, making sure that the potato has the necessary feeding for its growth (compost may be used). The further the plant grows, add more topsoil until you rich a vigorous growth that will assure you a new crop in a few weeks.

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