How to get rid of flies and other insects using natural methods

We all hate flies, but do you know how to keep them away naturally?

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how to get rid of flies using herbs and other natural methods.

Those of you who have been woken in the night by the buzzing of a mosquito or an annoying fly landing right on your nose? In those moments you think that there is nothing more irritating than an insect that buzzes around at inopportune moments. Many of us resort to resolve the issue using countless sprays that promise the elimination of ants, flies and mosquitoes.

But these sprays are harmful to humans. So, in order to safeguard our health and avoid breathing harmful substances, we can make use of natural remedies.

How to get rid of flies naturally: the basic rules

One basic rule is to keep the house clean and free of food scraps as well as dishes that have not been washed immediately after meals. You can also try some of the infallible “grandma’s methods” by putting a bowl with black pepper and vinegar in the corner of your room. The black pepper can also be mixed with sugar and water, to form a compound to spread on a strip of paper and then placed on the window sill.

You can also arrange in a corner lemon slices with cloves stuck in the pulp, or two slices of tomato arranged in a container are great ways to keep away the flies. Finally, effective results are obtained by soaking in a little white wine vinegar leaves of mint and eucalyptus (or lemon zest) to obtain a solution to spray in the rooms of the house.

In the fight against insects you must remember that they love sweet scents, prefer wetlands, they hate light clothes and some strange smells.

Avoid, therefore, perfumes and cosmetics with sweet aromas, excessively humid areas, wear light clothes, and when you are eating ensure it is in a ventilated area in open places. Also, use oils or incense smells with insect repellents such as geranium, lemongrass, basil, lavender and mint both outdoors and indoors.

Some plants have the power to ward off insects. For flies use elder leaves, lavender, spearmint and peppermint, wormwood and rue mixed or in bunches planted in a pot of basil. We will see this point in detail further.

how to repel flies with herbs
Basil: one of the most effective plants to repel flies

How to get rid of flies naturally: using herbs

Just like for mosquitoes, in nature there are plants that act as natural repellents against flies and insects, protecting our home safely and in an environmentally aware way.

The best plant to counter the little intruders is without a doubt basil. Thanks to the oil in the leaves and the intense smell, its able to discourage flies from entering your home.

Keep the beautiful plant on the windowsill or hang it outside, it also serves a purpose in the kitchen, providing you with fresh leaves to use with your favorite recipes!

Among the herbs that annoy flies, ironically, is lemon grass and cloves: setting up a couple of them on your windowsill will repel flies and spread a fresh odor inside the house.

Although pleasant and beneficial to humans, the essential oil of eucalyptus seems to be a strong, natural solution against fly invasions during the summer (mosquitoes as well). Just add a few drops in a wooden stick fragrance diffuser. Another natural insecticide is lavender, as you might have already guessed.

In this period, if you choose to go natural in the fight against insects you can go buy over-the-counter solutions from herbal medicine stores and pharmacies. To prepare a strong fragrant pot-pourri, used as an air-freshener and simultaneously as an effective solution to repel flies, use lavender, clove, a few grains of black pepper and lemon zest.

Pour them all along with a few drops of essential lavender and eucalyptus oil and voila: you got a fairly strong insecticide that will keep flies away in a natural way without polluting the environment.

how to get rid of flies naturally
The sweet smell of lavender repels flies

How to get rid of flies naturally: other fly repelling plants

Other herbs that have long been used to deter flies include tansy, bay leaf, catnip, pennyroyal and sweet woodruff.

These fly repelling herb plants don’t harm the environment. On the contrary, they contribute to enrich the soil and actually improve it!

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How to get rid of flies naturally: the bloodless way

Those who have a lot of patience and much time, can try this technique to ward off flies.

Always remember that flies are attracted to the light. So, light is our major ally when you wonder how to eliminate flies in a natural way. The first thing to do is to turn off all the lights in all the rooms of the house and turn on only the lights in the room where you will find the fly . This ensures that the fly does not escape into other rooms. Then turn on the light in the room immediately next to the previous one and turn off the light of the first room. In this way, the fly will proceed from the first to the second room, in a natural way and without pain.

The shift will occur almost immediately from switching it off. Now turn off the light in the second room and turn it on in the third room. This operation must be approaching the front door of the apartment. In this way, the fly gets closer and closer to the exit.

Finally, you must open the door, turn off the light in the room and turn on the light of the hallway of the building (or outdoor light). It’s easy and… bloodless!

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