The Best Natural Ways To Clean Your Iron

Natural and effective remedies for an always clean iron

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how to clean your iron naturally

Cleaning the iron is an essential operation to avoid accelerating the wear process. Let’s find out how to clean the iron with simple home and natural remedies.

There are several ways to do house cleaning in an eco-friendly way, without harming the environment and our skin. For example, do you know that it is possible to clean the iron with natural and economical products?

Correct maintenance of the soleplate and the iron is a step that is necessary in all those cases in which limescale begins to deposit on the soleplate or inside the boiler, if you use a steam iron. It will extend the life of your iron and the quality of your ironing.

In addition to limescale, the number one enemy of iron, there are also deposits of tiny pieces of burnt fabric, dust or dirt, which could stick to the soleplate and make the surface uneven, resulting in those annoying wrinkles on clothes. In the worst cases, they could even re-dirty a freshly washed fabric.

So let’s see how to clean the iron, using what we already have at home, avoiding chemical and toxic products offered on supermarket shelves.

Natural remedies to clean the iron

There are many natural remedies available to clean the iron. Let’s see the main ones.

Water and baking soda

Dip a microfiber cloth in the water where you have added 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Heat the iron slightly, then unplug it and clean the soleplate. If it is very damaged, use a sponge.

Water and vinegar

This is a useful remedy for cleaning the boiler iron. Fill the boiler with 2 equal portions, 50% water and 50% vinegar and turn on the iron. When it reaches temperature, let all the steam escape and wait for it to cool.

At this point, empty the water and limescale residues and repeat the operation at least 2 more times, until all the limescale has disappeared. This time, however, reduce the vinegar to 10%.

Clean your iron with water and vinegar
It is possible to clean your iron with really economical products

Coarse salt and vinegar

Here is another natural remedy to make the iron plate shiny. Create this solution with these two ingredients and then rub with a sponge. I recommend only with the iron off and cold!


Lemon can also help to clean the iron. Cut it into wedges and rub the pulp part against the cold plate, then rinse with a damp cloth.

Candle wax

Did you know that even candle wax helps clean your iron? Pour a portion of hot wax onto the stains on the plate, then remove it with newspaper or sheets of paper towels.

Marseille soap

Here’s another traditional method you should know. You can pass a block of Marseille soap on the cold plate, it will help the iron slide and eliminate ugly black dust and burnt stains.

Cotton buds

Use cotton swabs soaked in a salt and vinegar solution to clean the holes in the plate, thus freeing them from limescale and any dirt deposited inside.

Raw potatoes

Raw potatoes contain starch which acts as a mild abrasive agent to remove residue and stains from the sole of the iron. How to do it? Cut a potato in half and heat the iron to maximum temperature, then unplug it. Once the iron is hot, rub the cut side of the potato on the sole of the iron. Apply light pressure to allow the potato starch to act as an abrasive.

Tips for correct use

At this point you can bring your iron practically to its original condition. Be careful to always apply these natural remedies with a cold iron and with the plug unplugged to avoid unpleasant domestic accidents.

Do not use steel wool or steel wool to rub the plate otherwise you risk scratching it and avoid abrasive chemical detergents as much as possible.

Remember to empty the boiler tank after each use, otherwise limescale will form again and do not use tap water, but only distilled water.

The correct use of the iron is in fact the first good rule of cleaning, or rather the one that minimizes the need for subsequent intervention for cleaning purposes.

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