How to clean your bathroom ecologically and without toxic substances

Some eco-friendly ways to clean the bathroom you should consider

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clean your bathroom ecologically

We have shared plenty of tips in the past on how to clean the house using organic products. Now it’s time to give you some tips on how to clean your bathroom ecologically.

Here are a series of tips I’m sure you’ll appreciate. You will be surprised to learn how easy it is.

A practical guide to clean your bathroom ecologically

Here are our top to take care of your bathroom in an eco-friendly manner:


Use vinegar diluted in hot water or just hot water if the dirt is not thick. Sometimes you can use a natural detergent. You have to choose according to the type of dirt, the frequency with which you wash the tiles and especially if there are children in the house who or play on the floor. In the latter case, it is more advisable to use natural product as children can swallow the cleaning products used.

Toilet Bowl

To thoroughly clean the toilet, add vinegar or lemon to boiled water that has already been used, for example in cooking. Alternatively used a toiled brush previously soaked in a sodium bicarbonate solution. In addition, vinegar is also effective in neutralizing odors. You can also use pure vinegar diluted in hot water, poured onto the brush. So you can clean the bowl every day with sanitary but non-polluting ingredients.

how to clean your bathroom ecologically
White vinegar, because its high acidity, can neutralize odors, soap scums and loosen mineral deposits.


You can use vinegar to wash off limescale. Vinegar is great for removing lime deposits from sinks, taps, etc. (just use a sponge soaked in warm vinegar, rinse and dry). If the limescale has blocked aerators for faucets and shower screens, you have to unscrew and remove them to clean.


First off all, remember that they are easily removable. Faucets must be soaked in vinegar until the limestone begins to dissolve, then just rinse them before putting them back.

But careful not to use a mixture of water and baking soda to clean bathtubs made of resin (methyl methacrylate). It can cause an adverse chemical reaction.

Bonus tips

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