How To Clean The Oven Glass: A Practical Guide

The most effective tricks and solutions or the most stubborn stains and encrustations

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clean the oven glass

In our series of home cleaning guides, today we will explain how to clean the oven glass. This appliance is one of the most frequently used in the kitchen. From pizzas to cakes, from pastries to roasts, there are indeed numerous occasions to put it into operation. It is also an excellent ally even just for heating frozen ready-made dishes or thawing bread.

However, inevitably, the internal walls and glass of the door become stained due to splashes, drops, and various burns. It’s better to remove them promptly, without letting them accumulate, as they can lead to stubborn stains and encrustations.

There are various degreasers and detergents available for this purpose, but they are often highly toxic due to their chemical composition (just read the label!). We will focus on the most natural and ecological solutions, which are beneficial for both our health and the environment and are also very economical.

Why it’s important to clean the oven glass

Cleaning the oven is fundamental, and part of the routine is also degreasing the double-tempered glass of the door.

If you don’t regularly clean its internal parts, over time, dirt accumulates and becomes encrusted to the point where it’s almost impossible to remove due to the repeated action of the high heat to which this appliance is subjected.

Furthermore, cleaning the internal glass ensures quality and hygiene for cooked dishes, saves electricity for cooking, and prolongs the lifespan of the appliance.

Finally, during use, a clean oven will not emit bad odors or strange fumes.

How to clean dirty oven glass: preliminary steps

When proceeding with appliance cleaning, it’s always essential to take the necessary precautions to operate safely.

To clean the oven safely, it’s important to:

  1. Turn off the oven (even better, disconnect it from the power supply)
  2. Wait for it to cool completely; there is a risk of burns and also of creating strange reactions with the cleaning products used
  3. Open the windows and ventilate the kitchen well to create good air circulation

Once cleaning is complete, keep the oven door open to allow it to dry naturally and for any odors emitted by the cleaning products to disperse.

How to clean a dirty oven glass

There are many cleaning products on the market. Generally, they are degreasers containing various not-so-safe acids. However, we will focus on natural remedies, which are decidedly more ecological, safe for health and the environment, and also much more economical.

Let’s start with 2 very classic methods for cleaning the external and internal glass of the door:

  • Water + baking soda. Prepare a mixture with 1/2 cup of baking soda for every 1 liter of hot water. Dampen a clean cloth with this solution and wipe the oven glass. Rinse with a cloth dampened only in water and then dry thoroughly.
  • White wine vinegar. Use a sponge soaked in vinegar and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse and then dry.

Natural remedies for cleaning oven glass

Let’s now review the main and most effective methods for naturally cleaning oven glass.

  • Baking soda and vinegar (or lemon): These are magical ingredients that clean and degrease almost all surfaces, including oven glass. Spread this mixture using a sponge inside the glass to clean it from streaks, stains, and old encrustations.
  • Baking soda + water + white vinegar. Prepare a rather dense paste (similar consistency to toothpaste) by mixing 4-5 tablespoons of baking soda with some water and a few drops of white vinegar (or lemon juice). Be careful with the reaction that will produce some foam and smoke, as you have combined an acid with a base. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes (or even a little longer, in the case of very encrusted and particularly difficult dirt to remove). Clean everything with a sponge, passing it several times, and rinse thoroughly to remove any traces of the mixture from the glass. Dry using a microfiber cloth.

For greater effectiveness of this process, before applying the water, vinegar, and baking soda paste, preheat the oven to a temperature of 50°C / 120°F. Once the temperature is reached, turn it off and leave it open for a few minutes. Then, apply the mixture and proceed as explained above.

How to clean oven glass inside without disassembling it

Once the oven is completely cooled, open the door well and wipe the glass with a damp cloth soaked in hot water.

Then, using a flat spatula that won’t scratch (ideal for example those made of silicone), remove any dirt residue. Finally, rinse with water only.

How to clean yellowed oven glass

The presence of yellowish streaks on the oven glass is a rather common and equally annoying problem. Here’s how to fix it.

  • Warm water + white vinegar + baking soda + salt. Create a solution by mixing everything, and here too, you will have the chemical reaction related to the solution of an acidic product with a basic one, but don’t worry, then the mixture becomes homogeneous and not too liquid.
  • Apply the solution created on the yellowed glass with a clean cloth and leave it on for about an hour. Remove the mixture with a cloth slightly dampened with water.

As an alternative, you can mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Then spray the mixture on the oven glass and let it sit for 10-15 minutes (or as needed, depending on the degree of dirt). Finally, rinse.

clean the oven glass

How to clean oven double glass without disassembling it

Many ovens have double glass, for greater thermal insulation and touch safety, especially for children.

It consists of two sheets with an interspace. Over time, the seals protecting the edges of the double glass wear out, and therefore splashes of oil, grease, and food particles end up right inside the interspace. The stains that are created are very annoying to see and difficult to remove because they are practically inaccessible.

One way to clean the interior of the oven double glass without disassembling it is to use a degreasing solution, mixing 1 liter of warm water, 100 ml of white vinegar, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and a pinch of fine salt to obtain a homogeneous liquid.

Get a wire clothes hanger (for example, those given by laundries when returning clothes and shirts) Cover the hook of the hanger with an absorbent cloth and secure it with twine Soak the cloth in the degreasing solution Insert the damp cloth between the two glasses using the hanger Repeat the operation first with a cloth dampened with water (rinse) and then with a dry cloth to dry

How to clean oven double glass by disassembling it

Here is the most complete and definitive solution to thoroughly clean the oven double glass. You will need to disassemble it. In the case of special ovens, or if in doubt, it’s best to call a technician to avoid irreversibly damaging the appliance.

Alternatively, the steps to follow are as follows.

  • Open the oven door
  • Lock the hinges
  • Remove the screws
  • Remove the metal cover that holds the double glass together
  • Rest both hands on the glass and pull towards you to remove the glass
  • Disassemble the sheets, proceed with the preferred and most appropriate cleaning method according to your needs
  • Rinse and dry the glass on both sides
  • Reassemble the glass in the oven door

How to Clean a Very Encrusted Oven Glass

If the glass of your oven is very encrusted, you can take advantage of the degreasing power of lemon.

  • Place the juice of 2-3 large lemons on the oven tray Add 2 tablespoons of water
  • Bake at 180°C for about 30 minutes. With the heat, the mixture will generate vapors that, by resting on the walls and also on the inside of the oven glass, will dissolve grease stains and the most stubborn encrustations
  • Turn off the oven after half an hour and wait for it to cool completely
  • Wipe the glass and internal walls with a sponge soaked in the remaining juice Rinse everything with plenty of water

For very stubborn encrustations, rub half a lemon directly on them with the pulp side.

The same procedure can be carried out by inserting a glass of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar into the oven. In this case too, you will need to pour the vinegar and water into the oven tray. Then heat everything at 180°C for half an hour. And finally, clean the glass and walls with a non-abrasive sponge soaked in the water and vinegar solution.

Finally, in this case too, it is necessary to perform a thorough rinsing.

How to clean burnt grease from the oven glass

Burnt grease, if not removed promptly, is very difficult to eliminate. A valid solution is to create a mixture of boiling water and vinegar in equal parts.

Apply it to the glass with the oven off, using a spray bottle, and then turn it on at 150°C, leaving it for about half an hour. Then rinse when the oven has cooled down.

Remember: before cleaning the oven glass, always read the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual.

How often to clean the oven glass

Ideally, after each use, give a quick wipe to the internal walls of the oven and the internal glass. This way, you will avoid the accumulation of dirt and the subsequent formation of encrustations.

However, deep and thorough cleaning of the oven glass (and also of the entire oven as a whole) should be done periodically depending on how it is used.

For regular use (almost every day), especially for cooking dishes, cleaning should be done at least once a week.

If instead, the oven is used more sporadically, maybe limited to heating ready meals or frozen bread for a few minutes, then it is possible to clean it once every 2-3 months.

In any case, oven cleaning should be done regularly to avoid the buildup of dirt and to keep the appliance beautiful and perfectly functional.

Useful tips for oven care after each use

In the household, prevention is better than cure. To avoid ending up with a very dirty oven glass, with encrusted stains that are difficult to remove, it is ideal to proceed with a quick internal cleaning of the oven after each use.

At the end of each cooking session, allow the oven to cool down, and then wipe a damp cloth over the glass. If necessary, remove any residues using a flat spatula made of non-abrasive material. Finally, rinse and then dry.

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