Horticultural Therapy: how gardening can increase self-esteem

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horticultural therapy

Everyone who hads had the opportunity to grow and see things grow from the earth can testify that caring for a garden is good for you, both physically and mentally. A new age therapy also called garden therapy, horticultural therapy can offer the same positive effects on people who suffer from other types of problems.

Gardening therapy is used as a method of rehabilitation for people with disabilities. This is a kind of “occupational” therapy, known as Horticultural Therapy. This form of therapy may well represent a beneficial therapeutic space for individuals who have a physical or mental disabilities. Being in a peaceful place, in harmony with the soft and ancient rhythms of nature can have many positive effects.

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Gardening therapy promotes physical activity and enhances self-esteem by giving the patient a truly productive role. Furthermore, for older people gardening therapy helps them move their joints. It can also help lonely people socialize and feel part of a group.

horticultural therapy
Everyone can benefit from horticultural therapy!

By restoring an authentic contact with the earth and nature, gardening therapy makes indiviuals feel more productive. This increase in self esteem can have beneficial effects on the personal life of those involved.

Patients can learn how to cultivate land, and by the end of the therapy they will be very productive workers!

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