Homemade Seitan: how to prepare seitan from scratch

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how to prepare homemade seitan

It can be both easy and cheap to adopt a “cruelty-free” vegan lifestyle, especially if you make your own seitan at home. Seitan (wheat protein) can replace meat protein and, together with legumes and cereals, can meet our body’s requirement of meat protein.

Here’s how to prepare it at home. And by the way… who said that only women are good in the kitchen?

How to prepare seitan from scratch


  • 2 kg of Manitoba flour, high quality, with a high protein concentration, available at most supermarkets (2 kg will be sufficient to obtain approximately 1kg of seitan);
  • vegetable broth made with onions, carrots and celery, to which you can add soy sauce and some spices to taste;
  • Flour, water, salt and a little oil for the dough.


First of all, let’s see how to prepare the dough.
Mix together the flour, salt and broth to obtain a mixture as homogeneous as possible. Continue to mash and spread it to make it soft and not sticky.

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When you feel that the dough ball is ready, leave it to rest for about 15-20 minutes. Then proceed to wash the semi solid mixture, using a colander (you can recycle the four that deposits down at the bottom after 4 hours): you have to completely dissolve the soluble compound from the dough in water and keep on doing it until it the dough turns white and the water becomes almost clear.

Once you have a seitan that is as ‘clean’ as possible, you have to dry it well. Later, you can customize your seitan by seasoning it with soy sauce and other ingredients such as spices, vegetables, mushrooms and so on.

You should then allow it to stand still for 15 minutes by placing the seitan on a some clean paper towel. Alternatviely you can wrap it in the kitchen towel so that it stays in one piece.

Homemade seitan
Your homemade seitan is almost ready!

Now, you can cook the seitan in the previously prepared broth: cook for about 50 minutes (or approximately 30 minutes using a pressure cooker). Once cooking is finished, cool it down and slice the seitan.

Add a little soy sauce to the broth, then dip in the seitan.

Finally, keep the seitan in the refrigerator and eat how you like.

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