Plants & Flowers

If you love plants and flowers, this is the section for you!

You will find many in-depth information sheets and practical guides for the care and cultivation of different plant species. Discover how to have wonderful plants and flowers in different seasons and easily solve the most common problems, from parasites to fertilization, from harvesting to pruning.

You will find all the data sheets on the most important varieties of plants and flowers, for the garden, the balcony, but also water varieties and bonsai, carnivorous plants and so on.

You will thus be able to familiarize yourself with all their characteristics: botanical name, description, exposure and most suitable soil, variety, care, diseases.

The plants and flowers in the garden are very diverse and include both ornamental trees, large essences that can reach several tens of meters in height, and shrubs, often intended to create a hedge or to be grown in flowerbeds, and flowers, which offer a of colors that cheer up every season.

Whatever style you choose for your garden, English, romantic, French, natural, Japanese, or contemporary, or with exotic varieties, in any case you will find all the information you were missing.