Heal small wounds naturally with honey

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heal small wounds with honey

Honey is a magical ingredient. It manages to heal wounds of all kinds and has been proven to be also effective on very deep wounds. We sometimes hear anecdotes about patients with severe injuries and burns getting cured with the use of honey.

The use of honey as an antiseptic goes back for centuries to Ancient Egypt and now analysis of its chemical properties show that thanks to its high potassium content, this natural wonder has anti bacterial and antiseptic properties.

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At home, honey can be used on every type of small skin lesions: burns, cuts, scrapes. It is a magic antiseptic lotion that has a high level of propolis, a highly antibacterial element found naturally in honey.

Honey: a natural way to heal small wounds
Honey: a natural way to heal small wounds

So, how to heal small wounds naturally with honey? Clean the wound with soap and water then coat with a thin layer of honey (preferably organic and raw). Protect the wound with gauze and tape.

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After 48 hours the dressing can be opened to check the wound. Most probably any infection will be gone, since the heat should have sterilized the wound. If there is any infection still there, pour more layers of honey and consume honey as a medicine. This method has proven to be very reliable across any geographical region.

So, next time you suffer from a small burn, try honey!

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