Heal a sore throat using natural remedies

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healing a sore throat

You don’t necessarily need to resort to chemical drugs to alleviate sore throat. You can heal a sore throat using natural remedies coupled with a bit of patience.

Not so long time back our grandmothers used to make us take a spoonful of honey when we felt feverish. In facts, honey is the best known remedy against respiratory diseases. First, it is a natural antibacterial agent, an antiseptic, and it soothes the throat.

Heal a sore throat using natural remedies. Our top 10 remedies:

Lemon is also an excellent remedy. Mixture of lemon juice and honey when taken every two hours, soothes burning sore throat. Alternatively one can make a drink with hot water, honey and lemon juice and take it every four hours. These are simple concoctions which are also tasty. Natural remedies can be more powerful than you think. A cup of warm milk with a spoonful of honey and an egg yolk can act like a magic potion and cure your sore throat.

Herbalists prescribe gargling with Pulmonaria leaves to fight the symptom it is a plant belonging to the Boraginaceae family, native to Europe and the Caucasus region. A handful of flowers of this plant boiled in water would be effective against inflammation. If you don’t like the taste or if it is hard to find in your local market, you can easily replace it with basil leaves. Boil basil leaves in water, let it cool down a bit and gargle with the infusion. It must make you feel refreshed.

There are natural ingredients coming from East. One of them is licorice, originally from India.  You can chew raw licorice for a few seconds to have miraculous effect. Even in case of strong cough and catarrhal affections in general, licorice can be very helpful. But if someone is suffering from high blood pressure licorice can cause harm. In China licorice is also used to treat malaria. But our advice is to consult a doctor and take anti-malaria drugs if you suffer from the symptoms of malaria. It is a complex disease and natural remedies may not be as effective.

There is another magic ingredient coming from East; our favorite spice to go with coffee and desserts. You guessed it, it is cinnamon. An infusion made with honey and cinnamon powder can be very effective in case of sore throat.

But beware….
If these natural remedies do not work or symptoms persist, it is always advisable to consult a doctor.  Nature is a mother and a teacher, but can also harm us and should not be taken lightly. Many people may be allergic to certain substances or have other diseases with the symptoms of sore throat. A visit to the family doctor can save us a lot of troubles. And finally eating lots of fruits and smoking less – or not smoking at all – is the best way to prevent common cold and sore throat.

Remember, no miracles here!

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