The most harmful additives in our food

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Additives are present in the vast majority of food we consume daily. It is therefore difficult to avoid them and we don’t think much about the harm they can cause, yet, they can be really dangerous for our health.

When we talk about harmful additives in our food, we refer to chemicals added to our food, in order to “improve” its taste or look. An additive will give our food new properties, such as increased preservation time or a nice colour. Dyes, flavor enhancers, preservatives, thickeners, sweeteners and additives are present in all sauces!

The most harmful additives in our food are present in the form of powder, oil, syrup and contain all of the components that can harm our bodies. The best known of all additives is artificial colouring. It is true that all these pretty colors tempt us, but they can cause headaches and blood disorders. The same applies to sweeteners that are present mainly in soft drinks: they can cause headaches, as well as creating some dependency, as they have slight addictive properties.

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Other additives can cause digestive and stomach disorders. This is the case for example carrageenan, this element is also present in emulsifier, thickener found in industrial wipers.

Some food additives have even more serious consequences. BHA is considered a widely used additive. It is mainly found in chewing gum. According to some studies, the BHA has carcinogenic effects on humans. Corn syrup, for example present in ham, can damage the liver. And preservatives used in processed meats are linked to Alzheimer and Parkinson disease and may increase the risk of contracting a type two diabetes.

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However, the law still allows a large number of these additives to be used in  our food. Just take a look at the list of authorized additives in your country; you will find many from this list, making you wonder how safe your food is.

The best way to avoid health problems associated with these products is obviously to not consume products containing them. And for that, the obvious answer is, go for organic food!

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