Hang Son Doong cave: the biggest cave in the world

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Our planet has countless wonders and we only aware of a small handful of them. One of these wonders is located in Vietnam, near the border with Laos in the National Park of Phong Nha-Ke Bang. This wonder we are talking about is the the biggest cave in the world, the Hang Son Doong cave.

The recent discovery of the Han Son Doong cave in Vietnam is a new proof of the wealth of our Earth. Hang Son Doong is exceptional in many ways: it is 9 km long, 200 meters wide and 150 meters high! It’s phenomenal dimensions make it the largest cave in the world: the second largest one is the Deer Cave in Malaysia.

Inside, the fauna and flora have thrived on the river and an entire ecosystem has flourished.

Discovering the biggest cave in the world:

The existence of this cave has been known since 1991. It was discovered by Ho Khanh, who found the entrance to the cave when he was a child, but it was not until 2009 that a group of British cavers led by Howard Limbert, noted the vastness of the site and actually put the cave on the map.

biggest cave in the world

Amazing views from the biggest cave in the world, complete with its own river, jungle and climate (source: messynessychic.com)

An underground river has eroded the terrain for two to five million years, so deep that we could build an entire building  up to ​​40 floors high.

This is one of twenty new caves discovered in Vietnam in recent years, part of a network of some 150 caves in the Annamite mountain range.
The exploration work is now complete and the Vietnamese authorities have opened the cave to visitors in recent months. A visit will cost you about 2.000 Euros / 2.500 US Dollars.



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