Learning how to grow carrots: it is easy and fun!

Things to know and small tricks to grow carrots successfully at home

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How to grow carrots : growing them in your garden helps you always have a genuine and fresh food at home.

Carrots are sweet-tasting roots that are very easy to grow. You just need to know how to choose the right soil for growing and make sure the climate is the optimal one.

Generally they adapt to any climate, but it is best if the temperatures are not too high. Roughly it should be between 15 and 25 degrees.

Here is a practical guide to growing carrots easily in your garden, in pots or even from scraps.

How to plant carrots

The planting of carrots can actually take place at any time, taking care to consider the needs of the chosen variety. Indeed, there are early carrots and late carrots.

This plant cannot be planted in the seedbed as it is a taproot that needs to be planted directly in the soil.

  • It is done by first digging holes at least 40 cm deep and 8 cm apart in the same row. While at least 25 cm should be left between rows.
  • The seeds are scattered and then covered with moist but well-drained soil to prevent waterlogging. Some people use to wet the seeds in water before placing them in the soil. This would help speed up growth.
  • The soil should be soft, with no gravel or pebbles. Sand can be combined for good results. Remember to add some organic fertilizer to promote growth.

Care of carrots

Watering should be done in a sporadic manner and only when the soil appears dry. Only during summer, make up to two daily waterings. To germinate, seeds need temperatures between 12 and 20 degrees. If temperatures are too low, use a cover to help the seedling grow.

When the fourth leaf appears, action must be taken to select the strongest and most lush seedlings. All others, which are only likely to take up space, will have to be eliminated. This operation is called thinning.

Then we will proceed with the tamping, useful for adding more soil when the plant starts to grow. We will also eliminate seeds periodically.

Growing carrots with radish and onion will help keep pests and insects away. You can also associate leeks and garlic.

how to grow carrots in the garden
Growing carrots in the garden is easy!

Carrot harvesting

To understand when to harvest carrots just calculate a time frame of at least 2 months. By that time the root should have reached a diameter of at least 1 cm.

The special feature of this vegetable is that it can have a continuous harvest, all year round. This obviously implies that planting will also have to be done with some regularity, so that new shoots can always be seen.

The carrot should be pulled out of the ground as a whole and then left a few days to dry. Only after that can it be refrigerated.

Soon after, the soil is ready to receive solanaceous plants such as tomatoes. It is suggested to avoid growing carrots in the same spot..

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Carrots diseases

It is possible for this plant to become diseased and rot. What are the causes of rot?

  • Generally one of the first enemies is the carrot fly, an insect that feeds on this vegetable, eating it from the inside.
  • The excess or absence of water can also produce numerous problems.
  • Dangerous fungus include alternaria and sclerotinia, while aphids, worms and some bacteria also need to be looked out for.

How to grow carrots in pots

If you have little space, you can always choose to grow carrots in pots and thus enrich your balcony vegetable garden. In this case you must take care to aim for a small variety of carrots, such as the “Red Parisian“.

  • Get a pot deep at least 40 cm and wide enough. Put universal potting soil enriched with compost and pumice.
  • Make small holes and place 3 seeds in them. Cover with potting soil and water.
  • Choose a shady area at least in the early periods. When the plants begin to be at least 4 cm tall, move them to an area where there is also some sun for at least half a day.

The carrots will be ready when the leaves begin to yellow.

how to grow carrots in pots
In this case, you will have to opt for smaller carrot varieties.

How to grow carrots from scraps (tops)

Not everyone knows this but carrot scraps can be salvaged to get new seeds. This way the plant reproduces again in a completely natural way. It is done in the following way:
  • you cut off the upper part of the carrot and put it in a small bowl.
  • then pour in a little water, being careful not to coat all the way to the end.
  • last, wait 7 days and you will already see the first sprouts that will soon evolve into new seedlings.

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