How to grow an avocado plant at home

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One of the easiest plants to grow from a seed is an avocado. In less than two months you will have your first blossom from a simple seed, and without too much effort or needing to be green fingered. Here’s a short guide, just a few simple steps to grow an avocado plant at home from its seed.

1. Remove and gently clean the seed. Make sure you do not wash away the thin brown skin, but only residues of pulp.

remove and clean the avocado seed

Step 1. Remove and gently clean the avocado seed

2. It is important to pay attention to the pointed end of the seed, because this is where the roots will grow from.

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3. Push 3 toothpicks into the seed, with a slight angle of 45 degrees along the whole circumference of the seed. The toothpicks act as support, you will need to keep the seed afloat on the edge of a glass while the flat part of the seed will remain immersed in water.

How to put toothpicks on the avocado seed

Step 3. How to put toothpicks into the avocado seed properly

4. Place the glass on a sunny window sill and remember to change the water at least once a week to prevent fungi and bacteria growing. Choose a clear glass so you can see the roots of your avocado grow!

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5. When cracks start to form and the brown skins begin to fall off you should notice the roots beginning to sprout. You must make sure that they are always kept moist as the avocado is a delicate plant.. Be patient, it will take about 8 weeks!

Avocado seed roots

After about 8 weeks you will see roots starting to grow

6. When your seedling measures about 15-20 inches, transfer into a pot with 20-25 cm of soil rich in humus. Make sure that the top of the seed remains exposed to the air, then places the plant in a sunny spot in the house. It is a tropical plant, so the more sun it receives, the better.

plant it in a pot avocado

Last, transfer your avocado plant into a pot with 20-25 cm of soil rich in humus

7. Always keep the soil of your plant moist.

8. When it reaches about 30 cm, it is ready to be pruned. Cut off the first leaves at the top so that it becomes more dense, and do it again as soon as it has grown by an additional 15 cm.

If the plant is subject to aphids do not worry: get rid of the insects by washing the leaves gently under running water, then spray the seedling with a mixture of water, a bit of soap and a teaspoon of Neem oil, an evergreen typical of India.
Leave it out on your balcony in the summer, but the avocado seedling needs a warmer environment in autumn-winter, before the temperatures begin to drop below 7°.

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Try to grow an avocado plant at home, it’s easy and fun to be green fingered!



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