Glass flooring: interior design ideas and examples

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Some interesting ideas when it comes to choosing glass flooring, with multiple examples of internal stairs also made out of solely glass, really bright.

As original as they’re bright, the glass floors offer a special optical effect to the environment in which they are installed. Technically, it is tempered and laminated glass, or covered in plates that hold them together with transparent glue, called PVB. The process is essential to ensure the security of the element and also to allow weight to be carried, mainly withstanding people.

The beauty and value of glass flooring makes it ideal to define ‘air’ spaces, such as lofts, balconies and stairs. Their introduction is in fact implemented with the aim to ‘see below’ or to give environmental transparency overall.

black glass floor

Cool Living Space Ideas: Impact Laminate Wood Flooring And Black Glass Floor

The glass floors could be frosted, colored and also decorated. Often these finishes make it more complete and also help decrease the sense of vertigo. The decorations possible thanks to the inclusion of graphics between the glass panels, also contribute to embellish the environment, without ever decreasing the contribution of light and space.

The glass floors give an immediate aesthetic value to the environment especially to home that have preferred to adopt a minimalist interior design and only essentials. Indeed, we know that the transparency and luminosity of the glass, go great in the company of essential and clean characteristic of the material itself. Their presence is matched by equally valuable materials, such as marble or stone and certainly with wood flooring. Often the portions of glass flooring themselves contribute and complement the presence of basic and minimal spaces in the house.

Last but not least, remember that the glass flooring does not throw shadow in the area below it, which makes it ideal for spaces without windows or a few light sources.

Pros and cons of glass flooring:

Let’s analyze some of the cons of glass flooring. Unfortunately, in the equation we have to put in the basic aesthetics, which out to be of great importance. On the other hand the maintenance of glass requires a lot of work and is equally important. The floors are infinitely delicate and steps for public spaces where the scratches could be dismissed are not a problem, however at home they can make them unappealing. The cleaning needs to be performed with constancy, as the glass, especially the tempered version, catch a lot of dust and display it very clearly! Also the maintenance is to be given only to specialized firms that know how to remove scratches and return the original facade of the material.

glass floor

Another stunning example of glass flooring: Wiel Arets’ Jellyfish House features an elevated swimming pool with a glazed underside.

The pros on the opposite are that glass floors know how to respond to the needs of multiple style fusions and offer great luminosity in the environment. Caution, however, the practicality proves to be very low. As with marble and stone floors, the preference given to these solutions requires a deep thought process, because you have to have the lifestyle required to take care of the the delicate surfaces with attention.

Glass Flooring – Interior glass stairs:

To finish off, two beautiful applications related to glass but always relating to the construction of internal stairs.
Let’s start from the first really beautiful spiral staircase made of glass.

glass staircase

A lovely example of glass staircase

Here’s another example, as light creates the beauty of the entire space with elegance, really nice example of interior staircase made out of glass.

glass flooring stair

Another fine example of glass staircase

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