How to give your towels a new life

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how to give towels a new life

Even the softest towel becomes faded and rough…there is no choice: you have to replace it, unless you really want to use it to exfoliate your body rather than dry it! If this is not the case, but you would like to re-use your beloved old towels (we kind of grow fond of them…) there are certainly many purposes they can still serve.

Cleaning rags. The easiest purpose to think about! If you cut them up and hem the edges they will work perfectly to dry dishes, sink and domestic appliances or to remove dust from any surface. Shaped in squares they will do a good job in cleaning floors.

Bath mats. Towelling works perfectly for bath mats; if you shape it and hem it properly you can use it under the sink and next to the bathtub.

How to give towels a new life.
Easy bath mat: just cut and hem the edges.

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Dog basket. If you a have a four-legged friend you can use your old towels to cover the bottom of your dog’s basket or as a rug. See what happens if you tie a knot in an old towel and give it to your dog: you will stop spending a lot of money on pet toys and your dog will be as happy as a lark!

Hair dye. Faded and strayed old towels are surely not proper for guests, but they will be just perfect to cover your shoulders when you apply hair dye.

Babies. That’s another great idea to give your towels a new life. If you have a baby, cut your old towels in stripes and use them when you change the nappies. From an old shower towel you can even get a decent supply of baby bibs!

The gym. If you usually go to a gym or a swimming pool you can use towelling stripes as a shower rug to avoid putting naked feet on the floor.

Sewing. If you have an eye for sewing you just have to use your imagination and create! Trimmings, shoe bags, multi-pocket organizers for your bedroom or for the bathroom, oven gloves or beach bags…the limit lays in your sewing skills and in your fantasy!

how to give towels a new life
Another great idea: kitchen gloves!

Draught excluder. When winter comes and tries to get into your house, old towels can become useful draught excluders: you just have to create a long cylinder open at one end, fill it with foam rubber or even rice, beans, lentils or fine gravels. Problem solved: you will keep the cold weather at bay.

Bath slippers. Those particularly skilful with needle-and-thread have another possibility: you can create your own personal spa slippers. You can find the tutorial here:

There are tips enough to start working: just add your imagination and re-use!

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