Future French high-rise resembles giant white tree

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By Rachel Maniquis

In Montpellier, France, plans are underway for an extravagant, one-of-a-kind apartment high-rise to be completed in 2017.

The seventeen-story structure, called The White Tree (L’Arbre Blanc), was designed by a team of French and Japanese architects. The building’s inspiration was the city’s relationship with nature and the outdoors. The White Tree will indeed resemble a giant tree that stands 56 meters tall, featuring balconies and shade decks that jut out in various directions, resembling branches. Residents will have sweeping panoramic ocean and mountain views.

White Tree France
The White Tree in Montpellier / OXO Architectes

There will be an impressive rooftop bar, restaurant, art gallery, and 120 residential units, each with up to three balconies.

Rendering of residential unit / OXO Architectes

The tree-inspired design reflects the real biological cycles of a tree, such a photosynthesis. The open balconies absorb natural sunlight, much like leaves do, and are perfect spaces for outdoor gardening, making the building literally and figuratively close to nature.

White Tree France
Rendering / OXO Architectes

According to an article by Fastcoexist, Manal Rachdi, from OXO Architectes explained, “Just as leaves in a tree are naturally arranged to get the maximum sun, we’ve mathematically arranged these balconies and cantilevers to catch and shade the sun.”

White Tree France
Balcony Rendering / OXO Architectes

The White Tree is also structured around the idea of using as little ground space as possible in order to respect the environment. It will also utilize local renewable energy throughout the entire building, making this striking high-rise both breathtaking and eco-friendly.

The White Tree in Montpellier / OXO Architectes

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