Mini-guide to balcony flowers: flowers for a shady balcony

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A major gardening dilemma for those who have a balcony without a good sun exposure: which varieties of flowers for a shady balcony should you consider? Questions and answers.

Balconies lacking sunlight are not enslaved to shady and dark panorama, infact there are many species of flowers that can color them.
First, be careful to distinguish between the balconies that are perpetually in the shade and those that receive sunlight at certain times of the day, because not all flowers are the same and some need a few hours of light to flourish.

Flowers for a shady balcony: the best verieties

We start from nasturtium nano with its key orange flowers, suitable for balconies where you can give them the waterfall effects by hanging them in pots.
A great classic for the partially shady balconies are the impatiens (also called ‘glass rods’) that bloom from March until mid-autumn, producing countless flowers of various colors, from white to pink and red to purple. They’re also suitable as houseplants during the winter but not preserved from year to year. Easy to flourish, and very resistant to pests and insects.


Impatiens are tender annuals that thrive in partially sunny to shady locations

The anemone coronaria needs a few hours of sun a day, so avoid leaving it in constant-shaded balconies. For its part, the anemone will make a compliment with colorful and pretty blooms in ‘Daisy’. It can be conserved for use in next years.

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Also the begonia semperflorens is suitable for shady areas and requires regular watering. Being a plant that remains small but filled with flowers, it is advisable putting many in a single pot, to enjoy the multi-color rainbow of red, white and pink.
Few know of the geranium, the excellent flower for balconies, it can survive even in the most extreme shade; it might produce less flowers, but it will enrich the color of your balcony.

You can even go with hydrangeas, perfect for shady areas, being plants generous with their amount of flowers produced, because they’re strong and resistant to multiple pests and extremely adaptable to any type of soil, both for sun and shade. Only two requirements: water them regularly and drain well.

Petunias, whose real name is surfinia, is a species also ‘waterfalling’, with colors that can go from white to blue to purple, grows in abundance in the shade, they just require a lot of water. Ideal for shady balconies, since they don’t need to be exposed to full sun.

Lobelia erinus, another wonderful choice, with characteristic deep blue flowers, alright with sun, so it can enjoy its rays only in the early morning. Easy to grow, it is suitable to be placed in hanging pots for waterfall effects.

The tradescantia, better known as grass misery, is also suitable for indoor-apartment environment, it has annual fleshy leaves, mainly used as ground cover in shady areas or for partially shady ones.
Despite its name, the heliotrope is a plant that grows well in partial shade and must be protected from the sun in the hottest hours, also known as the flower of vanilla, it has flowers that resemble characteristics closely related to the spice. So it has a good scent on the balcony. It should be watered regularly otherwise it dies.

Finally the bell portenschlagiana, in its nuances between purple and light blue, it’s a perfect choice for balcony in the shade, and they can produce some magnificent colors. It can handle cold and fits in the shade, although it’s a primarily a sunlight flower. But if the summer is too hot it adapts to being a shade area plant.

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Bacopa, whose botanical name is sutera cordata, grows rapidly but always requires moist soil and a few hours of sun a day to flourish small white colors with yellow centers throughout the summer.

The calceolaria, also called slipper for the truly original and funny shape of the petals, will create small bushes flecked throughout the year. It needs just a few hours of sun to bloom, but never too strong or too much.

Flowers for a shady balcony: a beatiful Calceolaria

Flowers for a shady balcony: a beatiful Calceolaria

The euphorbia amygdaloides, the same family of poinsettias, can stand the cold and requires just shade; it’s also great because of the leaves with white border cream color that stand out against the main green part.

Finally felisia (also called Agtea), blooms from spring to autumn, if the temperatures are not rigit, you will see the flowers appear in the winter, provided it’s well sheltered from the cold.

More idea for balconies in partial shade? We recommend ageratum, fuchsia, mountain daisy, Nemesia, marigold, Torenia…. there’s plenty of solutions for you!