5 simple tricks to chase away spiders from your home

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By Linda Ferraro

keep spiders away

Many people are terrified of spiders and find them repulsive. An area infected with spiders can be synonymous of dirt and poor hygiene. Although sometimes beneficial for the environment, spiders are generally not popular.

If you too are not fond of them, here are at least 5 simple tricks to chase away spiders from your home.

1. Alum stone: A mineral of alum (aluminum sulphate and potassium) often used as deodorant, alum stone is very effective against spiders. To keep spiders at bay, mix 100 grams of powdered alum stone in a litre of water, put it in a spray bottle and spray corners, ceilings, and windows … The spiders will be gone in no time.

2. Spiders hate the smell of chestnut wood. You can either have branches, leaves, bark or actual chestnuts in your home, or make an infusion of chestnuts and spray it around. Another way is to use a bit of chestnut essential oil on floors and/or furniture.

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3. Fresh mint repels spiders. Just crush some mint leaves between your fingers, put them in bags made of mesh cloth (like gauze, or tea bags) and keep these little sachets in strategic places: corners, windows, doors that are favourite spots for spiders.

4. Another idea: put a few drops of essential oil of Melaleuca (Tea Tree) in white vinegar. You can spray this in your home or boil the concoction so that the vapour spreads in the room.

5. Finally spiders hate the smell of tomato leaves. If you buy tomato with leaves or grow tomatoes in your garden, just take some leaves and scatter them in your room.

The advantage of these tricks is that they are cheap (free or only costing a few cents) and they are completely natural. No risk of polluting your indoor air with harmful chemicals!

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