First ever bicycle without spokes created in Turin, Italy

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By Rachel Maniquis

bicycle without spokes

As cities become more crowded, and traffic more congested than ever, bicycles are the best way to get around the city. Nonetheless, the limited portability of a bicycle can be stressful, especially when looking for a place to store it.

An innovative new design for the first ever bicycle without spokes will be Made in Italy. The prototype is called the “Sada Bike” and it was created by 30-year-old Italian engineer Gianluca Sada. The idea came about for Sada’s graduate thesis in Automotive Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin.

The young Italian inventor’s unique bicycle has an impressively simple and functional design. Its wheels are completely spoke-less and its frame can be folded into a size not much bigger than an umbrella, which can fit inside a backpack or small trolley.

Sada Bike parts

How was Sada able to eliminate the need for spokes? The answer lies in the most interesting technical aspect of the bike’s design. The bike’s structure uses its cranks to turn the wheels and maintain a balanced position instead of a hub.

On the project’s website, Sada explains:

The objective of this project is to have a cycle with standard dimensions and have a small package during transportation. The wheels have no spokes…It has been adopted a system of anchoring of wheels composed of small wheels held by a small frame and a specific quick clamping device. They allows you to fold the bike quickly and easily, using its special package like a trendy backpack.

Sada Bike 4

Very confident in his unique idea, Sada self-financed his project with 4,000 euros. The engineer had already acquired a patent for the project before graduating. While waiting for the bike to catch the attention of interested companies, Sada continues to improve its design and functionality.

Sada Bike3

For now, this potentially groundbreaking bicycle is more compact and easier to transport than other folding bikes already on the market.

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