How to fight dust mites with natural remedies

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By Max Bender

how to fight dust mites naturally

Here is the customary good selection of tips and tricks to fight dust mites with natural remedies: let us know about your experiences in the comments below.

Dust mites are considered a small-scale plague that haunts pillows and wardrobes throughout our homes.

These little insects can be defeated using common chemical insecticides, but there are some bad side-effects to humans coming from them: often bug sprays also prove to be harmful to us.

Once again, it’s better to use natural remedies, just like lemon and salt against ants or basil for flies. An extract from neem oil is the natural method to keep the mites away. The liquid derives from a tropical tree, the Azadirachta Indica, and it’s a 100% natural product that is mixed with water and in a spray dispenser, ready to be sprayed on the mattress.

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But it’s not enough, according to a study conducted by a team of researchers in the UK, the pillows on which we rely for our comfort can be a home of potentially dangerous microorganisms such as Staphylococcus, varicella virus and even E. Coli, a pathogenic virus responsible for intestinal diseases.

All this is due to the effect exerted by the fabric of the sponge cushions, but we have a solution to the problem, and it’s very simple: air them out every day, preferably under direct sunlight. Alternatively, they can be machine washed at high temperature once a month.

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The humidity of the body allows them to thrive in our area of comfort, and the sunlight (or hot water) has a sanitizing effect.

Learning how to fight dust mites with natural remedies

However, you might want total extermination of the mites, which is impossible… Almost. You can counter their proliferation. You’ll have to counter the moisture using a dehumidifier, or airing out the environment in the evening, when the air is cooler and less humid than the morning. It should also remove the excrement, a kind of dark dust, which is the leading cause of asthma, particularly in children.

You can boil two tea bags in water, place in a plastic spray bottle and leave it there for a few minutes, with the tea bags in it. Spray the solution onto the mattress and pillows, allow it to dry out, preferably in sunlight. Any sign of moisture has to disappear, repeat the procedure every two weeks.

Another important step is to eliminate the mites inside the vacuum cleaner by sucking in a wet tea bag before using it on surfaces. If the vacuum bag is used for more than two weeks you should replace it regularly.

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Finally, there’s a solution using the people’s champ- sodium bicarbonate (used in Alka-Seltzer). By itself the substance is a real solution for everything. In the case of mites you can sprinkle 3 tablespoons on the surface requiring it, leaving it there for 2 hours and vacuuming it. Voila! No more dust mites!

Scientific evidence shows that the crystals of the bicarbonate have an inhibiting action on the development of parasites. Studies found that scattering sodium bicarbonate on the carpet you get a reduction of dust mites up to 79% in 1 hour, and 100% in 2 hours.

It’s enough just to vacuum the carpet to remove the powder, any crystal that remain will be used to counteract the development of new mites until further cleaning. In addition to these properties, the bicarbonate is not limited to lowering the number of mites, but also reducing their eggs.

You could also dissolve it in water, and it’s enough to immerse the fabric in the solution. Once dry, it has the same effect- eliminating up 84% of the mites. This occurs due to the recrystallization of the powder on the fabric, which creates an impenetrable shield.

Are you ready for your battle against the fearsome creatures, distant cousins of the spiders, which today are one of the main causes of allergy in adults and children? We hope so!

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