Expo 2015: USA Pavilion to feature vertical farm

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By Rachel Maniquis

Expo 2015 is fast approaching here in Milan, Italy. The World’s Fair, whose theme is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life will begin in May, and many participating nations are getting ready to showcase some of their uniquely sustainable designs.

The USA Pavilion, officially named “American Food 2.0, United to Feed the Planet,” will be no exception. Designed by award-winning architect James Biber, the pavilion will feature a one-of-a-kind vertical farm that is fully functional. Spread over the side of the pavilion wall, the farm will be mounted on rotating panels that can be moved to receive sunlight.

USA Pavilion 3
Vertical farm on USA Pavilion wall / Image: www.biber.com

The array of vertical crops will be completely harvestable and will even have daily “farmers” who look after them. The vertical farm is meant to represent American farming history, and the evolution of the American diet.

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According to the Biber Architects website, the pavilion will also feature a main boardwalk created with recycled lumber (from boardwalks in the USA), and a rooftop terrace featuring a photovoltaic glass shade, and energy panels with a translucent floor.

USA Pavilion 2
USA Pavilion interior / Image: www.biber.com

The entire pavilion will be open and airy, and due to its incredibly innovative design, will be one of the most anticipated structures at the Expo.

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The USA Pavillion and its vertical farm are a celebration of America’s dedication to agricultural development, sustainability, and technology. The pavilion will host numerous events, interactive exhibits and food tastings.  Food trucks selling classic American cuisine will be located around the structure.

us pavilion at expo2015
And here is a pic from our visit!

In an official press release, Expo 2015 CEO Giuseppe Sala stated,

“It is a pleasure to see the Expo site dressed in stars and stripes today and the traditional food truck, which will be one of the key features of the U.S. exhibition space in order to welcome the visitors of the Universal Exhibition of 2015. The United States are ready to officially start working on the construction of a pavilion which, in terms of contents and Visitor Experience, will surely be one of the most attractive and visited.”

USA Pavilion Expo Milano 2015
USA Pavilion – Expo Milano 2015

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