Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy – Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

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By Rachel Maniquis

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Here in Milan, Italy, we are anticipating an upcoming event that will celebrate the importance of ecological sustainability and caring for our planet’s resources.

The city is in a constant hustle and bustle of planning, constructing, and creating in preparation for the 2015 Universal Exposition. For the first time since 1906, Milan will host this hugely global event that is expected to attract a staggering 20 million visitors.

The purpose of a world exhibition is to showcase how nations around the world are sustaining and developing a globally important concept. This year’s theme is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Unlike past Expo themes, which focused mainly on technological advances for the future, Expo 2015 is centered on an eco-friendly planet and innovative approaches to food production and energy consumption.

According to an official press release, Expo 2015 in Milan will be the first universal exposition with a certification for event sustainability. Expo 2015 CEO Giuseppe Sala stated:

“Expo Milano 2015 wants to promote an international, educational, cultural and sharing experience for all its guests and participants, promoting dialogue between the different citizens of the planet and helping to strengthen cooperation among populations. We are working to ensure that what will open in a few months will be the first Universal Exposition to use tools that can help us to better manage our environmental, social and economic issues.”

More than 140 countries will participate and share their own unique take on what it means to feed the planet and utilize its resources through exhibits and events. Pavilions will be constructed on the event site to organize this multinational experience (Check out the plan for the Italian Pavilion – an example of a proposed “smog-eating” building). Participating international organizations will include: CERN, European Union, United Nations, and FAO.

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The six-month-long multinational event will be held from May 1 – October 3, 2015. Milan was named as this year’s host on November 23, 2010 by the International Exhibitions Bureau. Since the official announcement, the city has become a flurry of activity with city officials, politicians, and the local government enacting sustainable projects, park and city renovations, and promotional events. These preparations have also been riddled with controversy – from bribery scandals to several arrests and jail time – with the main protagonists being the public officials themselves. This comes as no surprise to anyone as corruption is no stranger to the Italian public system.

Also in Milan: Bosco Verticale, two pioneering green towers

The burst of urban planning, although implicated with government corruption, has inevitably brought much attention and major changes to Italy’s fashion capital. The event’s main venue will be located in the municipality of Rho, northwest of Milan, although various other events will take place throughout the city of Milan.

We will be bringing you updates and profiles of events, pavilions, and all of the action from here in Milan!

For official updates check out the Milan Expo 2015 website and stay tuned!

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