Energy soakers: what raises your bill the most?

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By Max Bender

energy soakers

Did you know that a regular TV uses 10 Watt of your electric power when it’s off? It’s exactly what happens every night, while we sleep, our appliances turn into “vampires” that soak our electric power. Even when in standby mode, they use our electricity, making our electric bill go up and up and up…

The British company Castlegate Lights had once released an insightful infographic that shows the average consumptions of our appliances when they’re not being used: some of them are real energy soakers, more than we could imagine.

FOCUS: Make your building more energy-savvy

Let’s find out together some of these consumption of the most common appliances when they are in standby:

  • TVs take 100 Watts when on, up to 10 Watts when off and slightly more, about 10% of its regular consumption, when in standby.
  • LCD Monitors on average take 27,6 Watts if on, only 1,13 Watts when off, and about 4% of its regular consumption when in standby.
  • A regular scanner consumes 9,6 Watts,  2,48 Watts when turned off and 26% of its regular consumption when in standby.
  • A Computer consumes 73,97 Watts when on, 2,84 Watts when off and a bit less that 4% when in standby.
  • For a Chordless house phone we have 6,25 Watts when on, 2,84 when off, and a whopping 61% when in standby.
  • A laser printer when on consumes 131,07 Watts, 1,58 Watt when off, a bit more than 1% of its regular consumption when in standby, less than an average ink printer, that consumes 6,22 Watts when on and 5,30 Watts and 85% of its regular consumption when in standby.
  • A stereo consumes 22 Watts when on, 12 when off and 50% when in standby.
  • Console games have a consume of 26,98 Watts if on, 1,01 when off, and 4% in standby.

Here’s a possible explanation when you get a high electric bill; so here’s why we should go ahead and unplug all those things that are making us spend more money on bills… let’s save a little more money too!

What do  you say? 😉

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