Emerald, the green stone symbolizing renewal and peace

The bright green gemstone among the most valuable in the world

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By Kenny G

The Emerald is one of the most beloved gemstones of all time. It stands out for its beautiful green color and it is considered a gemstone by Kings, Queens and for the Pharaons it represented fertility.

In fact, it is not only used to enrich a piece of jewelry, but is also a stone rich in beneficial qualities for the body and psyche, which can be used for meditation.

Discover the allure of emeralds with their stunning green color. Explore the meaning, benefits, and how to distinguish genuine emeralds. Find out why gifting an emerald holds special significance. Dive into the captivating world of emeralds and their beauty

What are the characteristics of Emerald

It is a variety of Beryl, a stone of the same type as Aquamarine, Pink Morganite or Bixbite.

It is a very hard gemstone (hardness 8 on the Mohs scale), with an unparalleled green color and a glassy luster that has always made it highly desired.

Its green color is given by the presence of vanadium and chromium oxide, while the hue is determined by the deposit where it is mined. The greenest gems are from Colombia.

The main characteristics, which also determine their value and purity, are:

    • hardness.
    • green color.
    • glassy sheen
    • presence of veins and imperfections on the surface

In addition, the presence of small air bubbles, imperfections and cracks show that the stone is not synthetic, but real. Its purity and cleanliness determine its value.


What is the meaning of the emerald

The name comes from the Greek Smaragdus which really means ‘green stone’.

In Egypt it was already widespread in the time of Cleopatra, who wore wonderful ones and liked to pay homage to distinguished guests with her effigy engraved on them. To the Ancient Egyptians this gemstone represented fertility, immortality, rejuvenation and spring. They were symbols of rebirth.

For the Romans it was a symbol of beauty and was therefore dedicated to Venus. They believed, moreover, that it could benefit the eyesight. For Buddhism it is one of the seven treasures and corresponds to wisdom.

Where are the most important Emerald deposits

The richest deposits, from where high quality gems are extracted, are:

    • Colombia.
    • Zambia
    • Brazil
    • Afghanistan

There are also deposits in North America, Australia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The color of the varies depending on the deposit, due to the presence of other minerals.

What are the most valuable Emeralds

.The most valuable stones are those from Colombia, which boast a very deep green color. Less valuable, however, are those from Brazil, which have a more yellowish hue, while those from Zambia tend toward blue.

What is a synthetic emerald

The green color of this stone is much liked in jewelry and costume jewelry. This is the reason why synthetic emeralds are also made: they are composed of exactly the same beryllium as natural gemstones, but are produced in laboratories.

The synthetic gemstone manages to have the same shade of green and luster as the natural original, thus being able to satisfy a wide range of customers at a lower price.

Emerald as a mineral

The mineral commonly called emerald is a cyclosilicate of the beryl family, of metamorphic and hydrothermal origin, green in color due to the presence of chrome. The most valuable ones are valued on the basis of.

  • color
  • cut
  • integrity
  • transparency

The stone can be treated to improve its aesthetic performance with resin or oil, which go to fill in any cracks or defects that are originally found.

The natural one is treated with oil, not only to improve its appearance, but also to protect it over time. However, the treatments should not affect its luster or change its color.


How to distinguish a real emerald

.The natural gemstone looks like a hard, lustrous, green-colored stone with veins or small imperfections. If the stone is dull or too perfect, it may be fake.

The Emerald in Crystal Therapy

The element of this stone is water, which relates to the sphere of emotions and is related to the feminine world. It is placed on the fourth chakra of the Heart. Its zodiac sign is Toro.

What are the properties of Emerald

It has been known for centuries for its properties and benefits to both the emotional sphere and the body. It represents:

  • hope, rebirth and renewal just like springtime for Nature.
  • the truth in love, justice and helps love relationships but also work relationships, helping to overcome obstacles.
  • peace and harmony, love and friendship.

It also performs a relaxing action on anxiety and worries and generates optimism.

Which are the Benefits of Emerald for the body

Since ancient times it has been used as a remedy to:

    • improve eyesight and protect the eyes.
    • cure certain respiratory and lung disorders.
    • protect the heart
    • detoxify the liver and kidneys
    • strengthen the immune and nervous systems
    • fight aging, regenerate and revitalize organs especially after infectious disease
    • rebalance blood and lymphatic circulation

The emerald, together with copper, can also elieve rheumatic disorders and can also benefit the spine and muscular system.

Benefits of emerald for the mind.

The action of the green gemstone on the mind is one of renewal and new awareness.
In particular.

    • improves memory.
    • offers mental clarity
    • moves away stress and depression
    • cures insomnia
    • stimulates inner growth, sensitivity and aesthetic sense
    • fosters love and friendship
    • improves creativity and design and new ideas

Wearing an emerald leads to improve both imagination and creativity, in private life and at work.


Benefits of Emerald for the spirit

.This green gemstone is a symbol of love, auspiciousness, prosperity and inner well-being. It represents inner renewal and growth, promoting peace and harmony, love and friendship.

During Crystal Therapy treatments the emerald:

    • has a calming action on worries
    • helps overcome difficult times
    • relieves the emotional field of the aura from negative thoughts
    • generates optimism and vitality

Rebalances the fourth chakra, balancing emotions, and has a strong effect on deeper emotions. It also enables cooperation with others and increases feelings of compassion, hope, kindness, showing understanding and benevolence.

How to wear an Emerald

In order for the mineral to have an action on the body and mind, it is best to wear it in close contact with the skin, possibly at the level of the heart.

It can also be used during meditation by placing it on the fourth chakra, that of the heart.

The emerald in Feng Shui

It is also used in Feng Shui and represents wood energy.
It should be placed in the east or southeast, and usually in children’s rooms, to promote both their bodily and psychological growth.

It can also be used in the study or workrooms to stimulate creativity and grow new ideas.


What does it mean to give an emerald as a gift?

This green stone is a valuable gemstone as the sapphire, ruby or diamond. Very valuable jewelry is also made with this stone.

But giving an emerald as a gift has not only prestige, it also has some important meanings: it is the stone of friendship and love, trust and loyalty.

In fact, the gemstone is often worked into a ring and given as an engagement gift, to be worn on the left ring finger along with the wedding band.

How much does the emerald cost

It is a precious stone and its price can also be very high, based on purity and workmanship of the gem.

On average, an emerald ring costs between 1,000 and 6,000 USD. It depends on the carats and workmanship of the jewel.

What is the most valuable emerald?

.The most valuable in the world is called Rockefeller Emerald: a Colombian stone of 18.04 carats devoid there of any artificial treatment, extremely pure and with a remarkable luster.

It had been purchased by financier John D. Rockefeller Jr in 1930 for his wife. Put up for auction in 2018, it was estimated at about $6,000,000.

But the most legendary emerald remains the one Cleopatra is said to have worn-a 97-carat green sheen.