Electromagnetic Fields: should we be more concerned?

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By Leu

Electromagnetic Fields / Radiations

Despite the WHO (World Health Organization) stating that EM (electromagnetic) radiations pose no risk to human health, in recent years the debate over this matter has grown exponentially with controversial results from several research studies.

We simply cannot know the extent of the damage these radiations can cause because we have embraced the new technologies – and the radiations they carry – too recently to understand the long-term risks they pose to our health.

We have evolved to thrive on a natural, environmental type of radiations, certainly not on the amount of man-made electromagnetic fields we expose yourselves 24/7, from mobile phones to Wifi, radio, TV, electrical appliances, etc.

It makes sense to think that electromagnetic fields are a health hazard because we have evolved and are the product of the natural radiation present in nature. Our bodies emit EMFs, our cells and organs are electrically charged, therefore EM waves react with our bodies, causing effects that can be positive and negative.
All homeopathic remedies for example, are not based on a chemical effect but on an electrobiological one.

Until we understand better what kind of issues EMFs cause, we can take a number of steps to shield ourselves from these dangerous EMFs in our homes.

When we are inside our homes we are contemporarily isolated from the natural occurring environmental radiations and at the same time are subjected to an unnatural status of electromagnetic stress.

We can all commit to a few tips to live in a less EMF polluted environment and see how much his improves the quality of our lives:

  • Turn off all the fuses at night that supply your bedroom. You can install a ‘demand switch’ at your bedside to make this very convenient.
  • Sleep on a non-metal bed and mattress and avoid using electric blankets, electric clocks, computers and mobile phones.
  • Avoid having mirrors and metallic objects in your bedroom.
  • Switch your WiFi system off when not in use, particularly at night-time.
  • Open the windows and let fresh air circulate inside your home often, particularly in the bedroom at night: this re-balances the amount of positive and negative ions present in the air to that of the environment.
  • Use natural fibres to wear as well as for your home and choose shoes made of leather/natural fibres over plastic ones.
  • Wash your synthetic rugs and carpets with soapy water at least every couple of months.
  • Spend time outdoors when possible.
  • If you are building or buying a new house beware of high power lines radio towers and train tracks in the vicinity and try to use natural materials as opposed to plastics, which can be electrostatically charged.
  • Be aware that all electrical appliances create EMFs, do not sit for a long time close to any appliance.
  • Finally, microwave ovens appear to be particularly dangerous and should be avoided if possible: in Russia, where the microwave technology was invented for military purposes, the emissions are limited to 1/1000 to what is permitted for example in the US. Microwave manufacturers do not guarantee the length of the efficiency of these appliances and on random controls in various countries it was proved that ALL the appliances were emitting waves well above the limits.

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