Eco-friendly furniture designed by an Italian studio

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By Rachel Maniquis

eco-friendly furniture

Italian furniture studio Izmade is the creator of some very original, eco-friendly designs that brighten and modernize your home. Based in Turin, the company offers a number of sustainable furniture pieces that are crafted in-house and released in series or in limited editions.

According to their official website,, each product idea is developed by a team of designers who follow a manifesto with a particular set of guidelines. The manifesto was made to ensure that the product idea is environmentally sustainable from start to finish. The designers spend time researching the materials to validate their sustainability. They also concentrate on finding recyclable materials to ensure that their products are environmentally safe for discarding in the future.

Examples of their eco-friendly furniture include:

Margherita lamp

Margherita Lamp. This super-ecological lamp comes in different colors. It features a lampshade made of recycled tomato sauce cans, and a stand made from Piedmont beech plywood and soybean adhesive.

Umberto bedside table

Umberto Bedside Table. This truly sustainable piece was made from reused fruit crates that were “scavenged from a local street market, disassembled and reassembled into a new shape, without losing the original aesthetics.”

Marta table

Marta Table and Stool. Two aesthetically unique pieces cleverly constructed with MDF wood and reused heating pipes.

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