The easy guide to balcony flowers

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Not all of us have the capability to grow plants and flowers in our backyards, in fact most of us are forced to settle just for balcony flowers in more or less ‘cramped’ areas. But who said that a balcony necessarily has to reduce your creativity?
Here’s a brief guide to balcony flowers that will help you make your balcony enviable!

First weigh up the degree of exposure to sunlight, so you can choose the flowers that can grow in that specifics area. Then arm  yourself with all the tools (gardening shovels, soil, pots and saucers) and decide on which plants you want to have.
We advise you to focus both on evergreens, even for the the cold seasons you’re going to have a green-shaded balcony, and plants with rich flowering to create bursts of color and multiple palettes.

You can take away every flower in a whim, putting them among species and different shades to create unique and original composition.

The seasonal plants require special care so do not forget to add manure in planters and liquid fertilizer is recommended during the summer for the vessels already in bloom.


But which plants are perfect for balconies?

Grandifloras (Latin for “large-flowered”). They are among the species in full bloom between June and August, and in that period they will color your balconies and fit well among shrubs and perennials provided that they don’t exceed 60-80cm in height. If perennials should be higher we recommend the Gladiolus, that blooms from June to September.

Begonias are a colorful and long-lasting species of the begonia tuberhybrida family, which we can find the ‘non-stop’ variant on the market, blooming from June all the way to November.

Primroses and violets are known for their brightly colored flowers, but in the case of violets be careful not to leave them too exposed to summer sun rays.

Dahlias provide coverage from July to November and adapts to planters and pots.

Japanese Azalea. For those who want something more sophisticated, you can go with this plant putting plants in April and May. Do not confuse it with the classic pink azalea flowers, a plant that needs rays during the spring period, but go away with the coming of summer.

guide to balcony flowers

Here is what you can do with little space…

Nasturtium is a suitable option for those who love the bright colored plants. the bloom varies from yellow to red, passing through the various palette of orange.

Hydrangeas are great for those who want to secure a plant that survives through the year, as well as geraniums that will keep you company from March until the end of the summer and require little to no care.

Climbing jasmine. For those who love decorating walls this is the best ‘climber’, also in the variety of ricospermum jasmines, the false Jasmine, that loves direct sunlight and in May it blooms fragranced colors.

Lobelia. Suitable for hanging and has a beautiful ‘waterfall’ effect to give to our balcony.

Some species survive until the month of November and among these we remind you that the begonia in the variety Crispa Marginata, Verbena, Trailing Geranium Ivy, also known as ivy geraniums (Pelargonium peltatum) and the most exotic Solanaceae Calibrachoa, blooming very quickly.

Among the green leafy plants and accompanying instead we announce three species suitable both for a sunny and shady balcony: the Variegated Ivy, the Cineraria Maritima and Broad-leaf sedge.
And now just let your creativity go free!