Is drinking water good for your health?

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By Edward Campbell

is drinking water good for your health?

We were told that drinking water is good for the health and it takes at least 2 liters a day to cleanse the body and make your skin beautiful. But now comes a con, it hurts and it’s addictive. What is it? Dispelling a bit of myths about drinking water.

Drinking lots of water is good. But is it? To be specific, drinking too much water would not be good for your health at all, but would rather create a dependency comparable to that induced by certain drugs. No joke, but the result of a research conducted by a team of researchers at Whiteley Clinic in London according to which the daily intake of excessive amounts of water would trigger an addiction called “aquaholism” in the brain and unleash a series of side effects, even serious consequences for the body.

In recent years there are many cases reporting an “addiction from drinking water“, people who are initially attracted to the promise of brighter skin, a detoxified body and more energy, but only after they fall into the point where they can’t go without it. A famous case is Nigella Lawson, the British kitchen guru on TV, which has come to drink up to six liters of water a day, and by her own admission she could not stop.

So, is drinking water good for your health? Or bad?

A more articulate answer is needed here. Back to the research we’ve just mentioned.
The scientists- led by the founder of the clinic and head of the study, Mark Whiteley- have established that drinking more water than necessary for prolonged periods of time would lead to sleep disorders, excessive sweating and subsequent skin irritation, dangerous overloading of the kidneys (which means they would work more than necessary) and, in severe cases, cardiovascular disease. As always too much of something is never good.

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Professor Whiteley indicates that hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating, a disorder so socially annoying it leads to some individuals removing their sweat glands surgically, may in fact be traced to too much water ingestion. Just as ominous for our body is drinking a lot in a short period of time, because it overloads and kidneys, and the same excessive amounts before quality could disturb sleep and lead to a decrease in sleep quality.

But then again what is the amount of water you should drink daily to ensure the body receives the right hydration without excess? The European Food Safety Authority states that women should drink an average of at least 1.6 liters of fluid a day, while men: 2 liters, the equivalent of 8-10 glasses of water, 200ml each.

To establish exactly the right amount of liquid you still have to be aware of the important variables, such as body weight, height and the climate (in the summer, and generally hot places you have to drink more).

Is drinking water good for your health?
Is drinking water good for your health? Neither too much, nor too little.

Obviously not only water, but also milk and natural fruit juices contribute to the achievement of the recommended amount a day to every individual. Well even tea and coffee, provided that the consumption is contained, and the things to be avoided are the so-called “junk drinks”, such as alcohol and soft drinks full of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Even eating you introduce other liquids coming up to 0.5 l a day mostly from fruits and vegetables. Keep track.

The best way to determine if you should drink is the simples, if you’re thirsty, your body is warning you of the need of fluids, that’s when you drink! Even checking the color of the urine- if it’s clear or not- can tell you if you need more or less. If it’s dark increase the fluid, if it’s clear, the opposite- decrease. The ideal color is pale yellow.

So remember: even the water should be consumed in moderation. Neither too much, nor too little.