Should you drink water or sports drinks when exercising?

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By Rachel Maniquis

A common debate among health enthusiasts is whether water or sports drinks should be consumed during workouts. Should you drink water or sports drinks when exercising? Here is the answer.

The main factor to consider when determining the answer is the body’s need for constant hydration. Our bodies use water to regulate temperature, and when we work out, our temperature rises and our bodies lose a lot of water. Becoming dehydrated is dangerous because a depletion of water can have serious consequences such as heat stroke.

According to an article by Competitor.comwhen deciding whether to drink water or a sports drink, you should take into account how hard you are exercising and how quickly electrolytes and sugars are being absorbed into the blood stream.

For athletes or those who work out often for long periods of time, sports drinks are beneficial. Unlike water, they contain high amounts of sugar and electrolytes. Athletes commonly lose electrolytes due to intense training sessions. However, for an average person who spends short amounts of time at the gym, these electrolytes do not need to be replaced.

should you drink water or sports drinks when exercising
Sports drinks are useful for replenishing the body’s electrolytes

Sports drinks also taste better for many people, and consequently can cause people to drink more during a workout, leading to better hydration. However, water is always is a good choice because around 2/3 of the human body is water, and it needs to be constantly replaced. It is essential for every function of the body and should be replenished even before exercise begins.

So, should you drink water or sports drinks when exercising?

Conclusion: if you need that extra fuel, go for the sports drinks. For normal workouts, a good amount of water will provide you with the proper hydration.

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