DIY natural air fresheners: the best solutions

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diy air fresheners

Essences of vanilla, bergamot and lily of the valley are all favorite scents for homes, and make you feel spiritually good. Smelling these scents affect mood of the house. Some essences, make us more euphoric, others are soothing and others have an exotic smell that brings back memories of the sea. Psychology aside as lovely as the scents are you need to pay attention because they may contain components harmful to both our health and the environment.

According to a Greenpeace study, some of the most prestigious brands (in this case we refer to perfumes for the body) have large amounts of diethyl phthalate (DEP): a substance that causes irritation and other skin problems.

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So at home we should test ourselves in the art of making perfumes that are good for the environment. When we are in the middle of winter and on our tables there are oranges, tangerines and clementines, well, instead of throwing away the peel lets use it to scent the house. Try placing it on a hot radiator, it will release a pleasant smell of citrus essence. The important thing is to choose organically grown fruits, that are not treated with chemicals. In addition, the peel of oranges or tangerines can also be used to create poutpurri for our lingerie drawers. Let them dry and put them in a bag, preferably cotton or linen, store them in drawers and savor that delicious clean smell emanating every time you open the closet.

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Another way to perfume rooms is to use essential oils. The classic of classics is lavender oil. Just pour a few drops into a small container with water and leave wooden sticks in the solution to spread a sweet scent of lavender in the air.

Lavender is an aromatic plant, typical of Mediterranean areas. Its classic purple color is also used in color therapy to calm people who are particularly anxious. Some families will be glad to know that a natural remedy for nervousness is lavender. The essential oil of lavender is recommended to relieve those suffering from agitation and sleep problems.

natural air fresheners
Lavender is an easy favorite when it comes to air fresheners

But there are oils to suit all tastes and for all types of rooms: there is an essence for the living room (fresh and crisp), one for the bedroom (bergamot, for example), one to catch the odors in the kitchen, recommended for strong smells of frying, is the essence of eucalyptus, also used to treat cold symptoms.

We can conclude with the use of candles. The advice in this case is to spend a little more money and buy a candle made using traditional methods. If you have the money and the time you can make candles at home yourself, using the most natural substances like natural beeswax: they can be exceptional. To give it that touch of fragrance in addition we need only add a few drops of our favorite essence.

And you? What are your favorite ideas for some DIY natural air fresheners?


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