8 Awesome DIY Flower Pots For Your Home

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By Max Bender

tin cans flower pots

This beautiful planter made ​​from an old trunk isn’t but one of many examples of fantastic planters you can do by repurposing old stuff.

Let’s see some of the best ideas that inspired us recently:

1) Old chairs can be easily turned into stylish garden pots

old chairs flower pots

2) Re-use your old jars to make a uselful and decorative wall element (Found on Notjustahousewife.com)

mason jar flower pots

3) Tin cans are the easiest option to obtain some colorful flower and herbs pots

tin cans flower pots

.. and not just flower pots!

tin cans

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4) What about these repurposed flower pots watering cans?

tin cans flower pots

5) Plastic is another obvious resource: if you can’t recycle your plastic bottles, here

plastic bottles cans
…and here are two great examples of the alternative uses they have instead of throwing them:

plastic bottles flower pots

6) A repurposed shoe holder is just another brilliant idea

shoe holder flower pots

7) You have probably seen this one before, but these broken pot miniature gardens are amazing!

broken pots

8) To finish with, this Palestinian woman found an alternative use for Israeli tear gas shells…. and she’s the one who wins!

palestinian woman planter shells

And you? What’s your favorite idea? More DIY flower pots for your home ideas are coming soon, but don’t forget to drop a note in the comments below to tell about your favorite flower pot. Thank you so much!

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