DIY alcohol-based and alcohol free natural perfumes

How to make personalized and genuine perfumes at home

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Here you can find different hints to make alcohol-based and alcohol free natural perfumes, choosing your favourite fragrance.

Having your body clean and scented is a clear proof of social politeness. But it’s not necessary to buy expensive perfumes by famous Perfume Masters if you know how to make yourself natural essences!

By the way, all the store-bought fragrances contain an amount of alcohol adequate to dry out our skin, whereas we can create our personal and ecological perfume choosing simple, easy to find and non-toxic ingredients. If you intend to compose your own fragrances you need a dark glass bottle with cap and dropper pipette, or you can decide upon a recycled perfume bottle, as far as it is clean and sterilised; even a small handbag spray bottle will be perfect.

The first two recipes give you step by step instructions on how to make basic alcohol free compounds and produce your favourite perfume or cologne. The other recipes teach how to create male alcohol-based fragrances using rose, bergamot or lavender essence but you can actually put vetiver or patchouli if you prefer these bouquets.

DIY alcohol free perfume

– 60ml sweet almond oilcoconut oil or jojoba oil
– 30ml distilled water
– 6 drops favourite essential oil

Pour the sweet almond oil (or the one you decided to use) in a bowl, add 6 drops of your favourite essential oil, mix and transfer your mixture into the dark glass bottle. Shake it to blend the different oils, close the bottle and let it “rest” in a dark and cool place for a week at least, not forgetting to give it a good shake once a day.

After one week add the distilled water to the mixture and smell the perfume: if it’s not strong enough you can add some more drop of the essential oil and shake well.

diy homemade natural perfumes
DIY alcohol-based and alcohol free natural perfumes you can create at home

DIY alcohol free cologne

– 50ml vodka
– 50ml distilled water
– 2-3 drops favourite essential oil

Pour vodka, distilled water and the essential oil through a funnel into a glass bottle.

Secure the lid, shake well e put the bottle in a dark and cool place for a week, shaking it once a day.

DIY alcohol-based male perfume
– 2 laurel leaves
– 2 tbsp Jamaican rum
– 100ml vodka
– 1 cinnamon stick
– 1/2  tbsp. different spices
orange zest
– 50 drops laurel essential oil
– 10 drops clove essential oil

Pour vodka, rum and the essential oils into the bottle you had previously sterilised. Mix the laurel leaves, the cinnamon stick, orange zest and spices in a different glass jar, than add the mixture to the spirits.

Close the bottle and stir for ten seconds, put it in a dark and cool place for two weeks, shaking once a day. Strain the perfume and discard the solid parts.

Rose perfume

– 6 cups rose petals
– 10 drops rose essential oil
– 3 tbsp. vodka
– 4 drops liquid glycerine
– 3 cups distilled water

Boil water in a saucepan, add the rose petals, lower the flame and let the compound gentle boil for 2 hours. Remove from heat and discard the petals, strain the liquid through a paper filter and let it cool at room temperature. Take two cups of the resulting mixture and add vodka and glycerine. Stir the ingredients and let the blend “rest” for some minute, then smell the fragrance: if it’s not intense enough add more rose essential oil drops until you’re happy with it. Give another good shake and transfer the perfume into a dark glass bottle.

alcohol free natural perfumes
DIY rose perfume

An alcohol-based perfume

– 2 cups distilled water
– 4 tbsp. ethyl alcohol
– 10 drops bergamot essential oil
– 10 drops lavender essential oil

Pour the distilled water into the glass bottle, add essential oils and alcohol, shake the bottle and put it in a dark, cool and dry place for 48 hours. Then stir the bottle and smell: if the scent is too weak add some drop of lavender or bergamot.

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