Divine beauty benefits of rose petals

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By Rachel Maniquis

There is nothing more luxurious than a scented bubble bath with rose petals. Roses have been synonymous with love and beauty for hundreds of years. The ancient Greeks and Romans were some of the first to use rose petals in their baths, cosmetics, and beauty treatments.

What makes roses so special and desired when it comes to our beauty and well-being? Here are a few reasons why this alluring flower has been sought after for centuries.

Beauty benefits of rose petals

Roses can do more than add fragrance to your daily life. They contain natural antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, which help protect your skin from sun damage. The natural oil present in roses can be used topically to treat minor burns and abrasions.

Rose Petal Products
Beauty products made with rose petals

Another reason why rose petals are a natural remedy for skin irritations is that they contain antibacterial properties. Creams and face washes made with rose petals can be used to fight acne and redness. Due to their soothing effects, they can also simply be used to treat dry skin by moisturizing and softening.

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Rose Water
Rose water is often used in spas to rejuvenate and nourish your skin

Rose petals can also be used to make a natural skin toner that unclogs pores, brightens, and cleanses oily skin. For a simple and pleasant face wash, you can place some rose petals in water and allow them to soak. After, you can gently rinse your face with this water daily to have soft, glowing skin.

Rose Petal Bath
A luxurious bath with rose petals can sooth your mind and body

In addition to the aforementioned beauty benefits of rose petals, they are commonly used to induce relaxation. A common ingredient in bath products and lotions, rose essential oil can calm all your senses. Since rose water is filled with antioxidants and vitamins, a bath of rose water can soften and rejuvenate your skin, while leaving a delicately perfumed scent on your body.

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Rose water is very versatile, and in addition to its beauty benefits, it also has nutritional benefits. Rose water is used for cooking, most frequently in Middle Eastern cuisine. It is also utilized in the preparation of teas, milks, and other healthy drinks.

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