Discovering the benefits of Marseille soap

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Living a “green lifestyle” doesn’t just refer to recycling waste or to using eco-sustainable forms of transport; our everyday actions also count. You can reduce the use of  chemicals, for example, even when taking care of personal hygiene or cleaning the house. With this in mind let’s rediscover the benefits of Marseille soap.

You may not be aware of the fact that this soap is made only from natural ingredients, sodium and olive oil. You may be equally surprised to learn that many commercial soaps are made using animal derivatives. For this reason you must always remember to carefully read the product composition of soaps and soap based products before buying.

The presence of “sodium tallowate” indicates that the product contains an ingredient derived from slaughtered animals. If you want an ethically made soap you must look instead for the ingredient “sodium olivate” (olive oil). Marseille soap does not contain any animal traces and what’s more has some really fantastic properties.

Benefits of Marseille soap: for house cleaning

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly product to help with the house cleaning then Marseille soap is perfect for you. Use a sponge soaked with liquid Marseille soap to scrub and degrease your kitchen wall tiles for an excellent result.

Benefits of Marseille soap: doing the laundry with Marseille soap

Use Marseille soap as both an eco-friendly and money saving way to do the laundry, without compromising on the end result. Moisten a medium sized towel, rub it all over with Marseille soap and put it in the washing machine with the rest of your dirty laundry. Then proceed to run the washing machine as normal. For an even better result add a teaspoon of baking soda and salt to the load, these two ingredients can be used in place of chemical fabric softners and disinfectants.

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Benefits of Marseille soap: treating dry and tired hair

You don’t need to resort to one of the endless products advertised in tv and magazines to treat dry and tired hair. Fans of natural cosmetic products will be pleased to hear that Marseille soap can be a used to restore strength and shine to your hair. To make a hair mask, for example, that is 100% natural just mix melted Marseille soap with two egg yolks, two tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of wheat germ oil and two tablespoons of sweetned almond oil.

Benefits of Marseille soap: treating oily skin

You can also treat oily or acne-prone skin with Marseille soap, as recommended by many dermatologists. Marseille soap is 100% natural and has soothing properties, helping to rebalance the pH of the skin and prevent irritation and allergies. If you suffer from  oily skin, therefore,  cleansing your face with Marseille soap can help remove impurities and excess sebum. It can be used both in the morning before putting on makeup or in the evening before going to bed and is especially effective if is coupled with a tonic.

Why not try for yourself? You’ll be amazed by the results!



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