Discovering Favoralia, the international service exchange

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Every day we throw away perfectly functional gadgets and stuff only because they seem to lose their aesthetic appeal to us, or we pay an excessive amount of money for a service because we have no other choice.

The website Favoralia was founded to deal with these kinds of problems in a time of persistent crisis. This site, based on the principle of “exchange of favors” , turned out to be a great success worldwide, especially in the Latin world. Barters of second-hand objects should increase the spread of this social network , born for ecological purposes.

The founders of the first social network of this kind are three Catalans, who were inspired by local examples and wanted to globalize human services. The added value of this technique is based on mutual voluntary basis. The value added and the richness of the platform of this social network lies on the fact that there is no geographical limitation as far as rendered services are concerned.

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For example, a text can be written or corrected remotely. A wide range of personal services (i.e. giuded tours) or more common errands or home repairs can be carried out free of charge by members of this community.

Points are awarded to each registrant who is providing the service, allowing him to benefit of a subsequent exchange.

Octavi Uya, co-founder of Favoralia, is delighted with the current success and is considering the next step, i.e. the exchange of  second-hand goods among the very users of this site. When registered and displayed online, the members of the website can exchange these objects through barter.

The amount of waste on the planet would hence be reduced while maintaining the philosophy of exchange and cooperation,  the young designer says. This is an original idea where recycling is coupled with mutual exchange, and they make a perfect pair, don’t you find?

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