Diogenes: a self-sufficient tiny house

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Diogenes Renzo Piano tiny house

A home that is completely independent when it comes to energy and water, non-polluting and environmentally friendly: does it make you dream? The world-renowned architect Renzo Piano is preparing to make this dream real! After making iconic architectural landmarks that have marked some cities, such as the Shard in London and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, he is now leading a project that could have long-lasting positive environmental impacts!

Renzo Piano dreamed of an optimized home since he was a student, living in a tiny room measuring 2 meters by 2 meters. A few years later, he focused specifically on the subject. Eventually he was hired by the German company Vitra and he embarked on the creation of a self sufficient and ecological house of about 5 square meters which contains everything you need without unnecessary wastage.

Renzo Piano significantly named this house after Diogenes, the Greek philosopher that contributed to found the Cynic philosophy and became since then associated with the concept of simple and essential lifestyle.

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Diogenes is designed to withstand all weather conditions: without being connected to the network of a city,  it operates independently and with self-sufficiency. Thus the rain water is collected on the roof, cleaned and re-used. Electricity is provided by solar panels. The architect is working with Matthias Schuler, renowned engineer in the field of sustainable development, in order to refine the energy optimization of Diogenes.

Diogenes Renzo Piano
Diogenes, by Renzo Piano: views from the interior

Everything in this house is designed and optimized. Renzo Piano enjoys designing this house: “Diogenes gives you what you really need and nothing more“. Moreover, he describes this accommodation as a good place to retire in a “spiritual silence.” If the house outward aspect looks like a small shed, the inside is unpretentious too:  the architect maximized 5 m2: main room with sofa bed and folding table on the wall, bathroom with ecological shower and toilet  and a small kitchenette. In short, everything you need no-frills!

Diogenes is not yet commercially available, but Piano holds that this house can have many possible uses: weekend house, bungalow, small office… Maybe it will go commercial soon!

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