Denouncing animal cruelty, how Banksy does it!

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A truck runs through the streets of New York. On board, stuffed animals representing livestock are trying to get their heads between the boards. Moans and screams can be heard.

The feelings of pain, stress and fear that radiate from the truck are successfully transmitted to the New Yorkers who are passing by.

This is what the work of Banksy looks like.

Banksy: not just graffiti!

A not so known Banksy: not just graffiti!

Banksy is an English street (or urban) artist who, despite being renowned worldwide, remains mysterious and somewhat enigmatic and has never shown his face. In fact his identity is unknown.

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Some of his work is transitory and takes place at the heart of our everyday urban life, but more often Banksy makes graffiti on the walls of cities. He is also a painter, sculptor and filmmaker.

Banksy’s work is also often socially committed and exposes social problems.

This specific work, with the stuffed animals in the truck, is called “Sirens of the lambs” to emphasize the pun in the title of the film “Silence of the Lambs” and has both the characteristics of being temporary and an act of condemnation.

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As explained on his website, Banksy in his youth worked in a butcher’s shop and was deeply touched by the animals.
This truck full of “stuffed farm animals” ready for slaughter, is meant to remind us of the pathetic conditions in which the animals are kept shortly before their life ends and hopefully to sensitize our conscience towards a more human treatment of animals.

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