Denim company recycles old jeans to make furniture accents

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By Rachel Maniquis

Swedish clothing brand Nudie Jeans is helping to keep landfills cleaner by recycling their old products.

The company creates and sells only “100% organic cotton denim,” and takes pride in eco-friendly practices and lifestyles. Their sustainable ideas, called their “Denim Maniacs Projects” are focused on re-using their worn-out denim in various ways.

Nudie Jeans - Camper Seat
Limited edition camper seat / Image:

Two examples of their projects are explained on their official website:

This time we managed to recycle 90% of every pair of denim and we’re releasing two projects that’ll definitely tie a room together. The Rag Rug is back, and we proudly present the In-and-Out Seam Camper Seat.”

Nudie Jeans - Rag Rug
Nudie Jeans – Rag Rug / Image:

The company’s Rag Rug is made up of shredded pieces of the company’s denim, and comes in two different sizes. The larger one is made of 275 pieces, while the smaller one is made of 75 pieces.

The In-and-Out Seam Camper Seat is made of the inseam and outseam of several Nudie jeans, as well as a belt, and a leather patch. Its design is completely braided by hand.

Nudie Jeans - Camper Seat / Image:
Nudie Jeans – Camper Seat / Image:

It is foldable and perfect for camping, which is a favorite pastime in Sweden.

These two furniture accents are available in limited edition, and are a clever example of recycling old materials to make new, useful products.

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