A children’s book that can be planted into a tree

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By Rachel Maniquis

a children's book that can be planted as a tree

Imagine a thoughtful hands-on method of teaching children about the origins of books and importance of trees.

An Argentinian book publisher has come up with a creative way to do just that. Pequeño Editor has made a special version of their children’s book, “Mi papá estuvo en la selva” (My dad was in the jungle) that can be planted into a tree. The story revolves around a young boy’s father who lives in the Ecuadorian jungle, and the many adventures he encounters. Its ecological message can be cleverly illustrated by planting the book in the ground after reading.

The project is called Tree Book Tree, and it describes their product as “A book that returns to nature what it took from it.” The books are carefully constructed using acid-free paper embedded with Jacaranda tree seeds, and printed in biodegradable ink. Since books are an integral part of children’s primary years, the company reached for a uniquely sustainable method of teaching them to give back to the environment.

The books were placed in terrariums and displayed in Argentinian bookstores to demonstrate how they grow.

According to a video by the publisher, 1,500 new books are published in Argentina each year, with 6 million copies per month, and more than 45 million pages per day.

Although the project is not meant to solve the world’s problems regarding trees and printing books, it spreads a beautiful message about how we can appreciate where our resources come from and how to give back.

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