World’s most beautiful landscapes: Etna natural reserve in Sicily, Italy

Etna is not only the highest active volcano in Europe, it is also a mountain full of natural wonder. There are recent lava flows where life is still absent and very old lava flows-where larch, beech and birch trees have flourished. At low altitude, there are alternative strips of oak and chestnut groves on the carved […] Read More

Quéménès, the self-sufficient island

Nestled amid the isle of Molène off the tip of Brittany, Quéménès island has been inhabited since 2009 by a young couple who live in complete energy self-sufficiency. The wind and the sun provide electricity for their farms as well as for the guest rooms that welcome visitors. This project was started by the Conservatoire du Littoral […] Read More

Boryeong Mud Festival, a different way of taking a mud bath

Mud is good for the skin and the 3 million visitors who cover themselves in mud every year at the festival of Boryeong (Boryeong Mud Festival) are surely aware of the fact. In addition to its beauty enhancing qualities, participants at this festival want to get in touch with their inner child. The proof is […] Read More