How to dye clothes or fabric in a natural way

Have you ever felt fed up with an old piece of clothing that has been stuck in a drawer for a long time? Have you ever regretted having bought a white dress? Does your favourite canvass shopping bag begin to grow tired and make you feel sad when you go to the grocery store? Don't […] Read More


Do lobsters feel pain when boiled alive?

Lobsters. They suffer just like mammals, especially when their short life ends in the pot in a restaurants kitchen or in the clutches of a chef. We have always thought, that is until now, that the movements of a lobster when thrown into boiling water were just automatic reflexes. This is why the biologists Elwood and […] Read More

pesticides in fruit and vegetables

Pesticides: fruits and vegetables that contain the highest levels

In all kinds of intensive agriculture pesticides have been used massively for over half a century. Hence, we find pesticide residues everywhere and especially in our food: half of the fruits and vegetables produced by intensive farming contain these corrosive ingredients, although some actually absorb more than others. The American agency Animal and Plant Health […] Read More

eating raw garlic

Eating raw garlic: properties, benefits and contraindications

It is certainly not pleasing to all palates and certainly does not make us easily approachable, unless a couple of hours have passed since we ate it. But anyway garlic is a vegetable with many valuable properties. Garlic's benefits are known since ancient times.  This unique vegetable was regarded primarily as a tonic, an invigorating […] Read More

aldabra atoll

The Aldabra Atoll, an ultra-ecosystem preserved in the Indian Ocean!

Part of the Seychelles archipelago, Aldabra Atoll consists of four coral islands, separated by narrow passages. It encloses a shallow lagoon and is surrounded by coral reefs. The most amazing characteristic of this place is that it is one of the best preserved eco-systems in the world thanks to its remoteness and impervious accessibility. Indeed, Aldabra […] Read More

grow salad at home

How to grow salad at home

Have you ever thought of producing some foods from your kitchen by yourself? If you answered yes, then you better not miss this practical mini-guide explaining the techniques to cultivate potted or bottled salad, from seeds or leftovers. This way you can ensure a constant flow of delicious fresh home-grown salad, you can also intelligently […] Read More


How to get rid of flies and other insects using natural methods

Those of you who have been woken in the night by the buzzing of a mosquito or an annoying fly landing right on your nose? In those moments you think that there is nothing more irritating than an insect that buzzes around at inopportune moments. Many of us resort to resolve the issue using countless […] Read More

fight dust mites with natural methods

How to fight dust mites with natural remedies

Dust mites are considered a small-scale plague that haunts pillows and wardrobes throughout our homes. These little insects can be defeated using common chemical insecticides, but there are some bad side-effects to humans coming from them: often bug sprays also prove to be harmful to us. Once again, it's better to use natural remedies, just like […] Read More

How to clean your washing machine naturally

Here are a few simple tricks for cleaning your washing machine naturally, using eco-friendly methods. In order to keep your washing machine in good condition, you must keep the inside of the machine clean, in addition to the filter and the tubes. A washing machine’s greatest enemies are calcium deposits and laundry soap residue. They […] Read More

Huilo Huilo Nature Reserve, one of the most sustainable destinations of the world

Tourism and nature conservation do not necessarily go hand in hand. We are seeing an increasing number of initiatives for responsible and sustainable tourism as well as events to highlight them. The Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Award,  an international prize organized as part of the World Tourism Fair in London, is awarded every year to […] Read More