Agartala: the first solar city in India

The development of renewable energy continues around the world. It has lead to technological discoveries and the proliferation of ideas related to clean energy. Even countries with strong economic growth are interested in new strategies to reduce energy consumption. This is the case of India, where the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has recently proposed a radical […] Read More

Dustbot: an automated street cleaner from Italy

Dustbot mean auything to you? It is a robotics project, started in Tuscany, Italy a few years ago, with the experimental phase beginning as far back as 2009! This 'robot street sweeper' moves thanks to a rechargeable battery-powered electric motor.  It can automatically separate rubbish and clean streets in urban spaces. Dustbot is, therefore, both a transport and a cleaning machine. It is […] Read More

Mass production of palm oil: the real cause behind the destruction of Indonesian forests

Margarine, soap, chocolate, sweets, chips, shampoo, mascara ... palm oil is present in countless products that we consume every day. Favored by industry for its low cost (cheap agricultural labour, cheap land) and its chemical properties, this product is causing massive deforestation in Indonesia. An area of forest equivalent to the size of a football field  […] Read More

Japan: world leader in organic and environmentally friendly food production

Westerners who associate Japan with technology (ok, someone will immediately mention Fukushima, but still) will be surprised to learn that it is, in fact, a hive of local organic food networks known as teikei (cooperation, in Japanese). Millions of consumers participate in one of these collectives, and as become part of everyday life. Each week they go to […] Read More