Top 10 most polluting industries in the world

The Blacksmith Institute has recently conducted a thorough investigation into the toxicity of different industries worldwide. They have studied industries in 49 countries and the impact these industries have on the health and well-being of the citizens. The report shows that the pollution cause by certain industries is as dangerous as a life-threatening disease, such as malaria […] Read More

The seventh continent

The Seventh Continent: 3.43 million km2 of waste floating off the Pacific

Imagine a huge sponge that attracts millions of tons of waste in a single place. Except that this waste is not disposed of: it gathers and forms a sort of “plastic continent", larger than a country the size of India and the consequences on the marine ecosystem are disastrous. This is unfortunately not a nightmare: 3.43 million […] Read More

wiser the social network for sustainable development closes

It was not totally unexpected, but it was a shock anyway. With a new blog entry dated March 18th,'s Executive Director Peggy Duvette made it official and final: "After many months of reflection and extensive feedback from members, editors and our board of directors, we have decided to close and archive the website. The archiving […] Read More not just… green drinks!

No, we are not talking about the recipe for a healthy smoothy but about an informal organization present worldwide that meets once a month  in different cities to talk about environmental issues. The meetings are open to everybody, even if the majority of people would normally have a background in the environmental field, they are generally simple and unstructured and are […] Read More

pile of gifts

The case against planned obsolescence

Every year, as we approach Christmas time, the pile of gifts under the tree looks as promising as ever. Most of them are new electronic toys that as consumers  we crave. A new smartphone, the latest game console, the latest brand of TV. All these  gadgets are strategically released before December, and then sell like hotcakes. But for […] Read More

Jadav Payeng

The man who single-handedly planted a forest

From reading this story, you can not help but  think of the old English proverb "Where there's a will, there's a way". The elderly gentleman, Jadav Payeng, may have not heard this old saying, but despite that, he achieved this. Remarkably, for the last 30 years, this man had only one goal: to grow trees on […] Read More

Crossing the Atlantic with a boat made of linen

Annabelle Boudinot is a French girl extremely passionate about sailing and ecology: last year, she took on an ambitious challenge to sail across the Atlantic with a boat made from flax. Her "green" sailboat, 'Agro650' was partially made ​​from flax fiber, an alternative to fiberglass (fiber glass is derived from petro- chemistry). The young sailor wanted to demonstrate […] Read More

waldorf school

Waldorf Schools: a green option for parents

One of the main worries for parents in today’s society is choosing and finding a suitable education for their children. For parents who are environmentally conscious, Waldorf Schools represent an increasingly popular choice. These Schools, spread today all over the world, teach one of the greenest, “organic” philosophies available: the result of Rudolph Steiner’s ideas […] Read More

Newmanity: the new social network for ecology from France

We are in constant search for inspiring examples from around the world and this time we found our daily dose of inspiration in a newly launched French social network, Newmanity, aimed at those individuals "who aspire to have a more ecological and more responsible human society". Launched at the end of 2012, the network has more than 25,000 […] Read More

Organic wine and its pros & cons

Grapes are a delicate fruit, for this reason wine producers always use chemical treatment to protect the grapes from contamination. But the demand for organic wine is growing worldwide and this welcome trend  poses new regulatory challenges. In France, for example, since August 2012, a label for organic wine has been introduced. For this label, the grapes must […] Read More